SoTE V Schedule  

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Thursday March 28 Schedule

Session Time Room SC 206 B&C Room SC 213A Room SC 213B Room SC 206G/H
Breakfast  8:00-8:30 am 
 Continental Breakfast
Plenary   8:30-9:15 am 

 Ronda Menlove

Title: Reaching Beyond Our Offices and Classrooms: Access, Affordability, and Community Impact

Session 1
 9:30-10:45 am Session 1A
Type: Panel
Title: Higher Education and State Legislatures: Redefining the Alliance
Presenters:  Val Peterson, Ronda Menlove, Speaker Becky Lockhart 
Track: Community Engagement  
Session 1B 
Type: Panel 
Title: Cultivating Multicultural Competencies for the Classroom: A Step Beyond “Just Good Teaching” 
Presenters:  Vessela Ilieva, Mi Ok Kang, Bryan Waite, Mike Patch 
Tracks: Cultural Engagement; Engaged Teaching  
Session 1C
Type: Panel 
Title: From Student, to Teacher, to Politician
Presenters: Jeff Acerson former Mayor of Lindon; James Evans, Mayor of Orem; Randy Farnworth, Mayor of Vineyard; 
Larry Ellertson, Utah County Commissioner

Track: Community Engagement 
Concurrent Session 2   11:00 am
-12:15 pm
  Session 2A
Type: Roundtable
Titles & Presenters:

Dixie State College of Utah: Painting the Whole Assessment Picture by Assunta Hardy, Andrea Brown, Debra Bryant
Track: Assessment

Providing substantial evidence that a degree aligns with industry needs by John Louviere
Tracks: Assessment; E-Learning

Microquestioning in Engaged Teaching by Ruhul Kuddus
Track: Engaged Teaching

Session 2B
Type: Panel
Title: Preparing the Student: The Collaborative Effort of Professor and Employer

Randy Shumway, Vice-Chair Prosperity 2020; Val Hale, President Utah Valley Chamber; Arthur Newell, Chair, Utah Valley Chamber Education Committee; Cameron Martin, UVU 
Track: Community Engagement 


Session 2C
Type: Panel
Title: Engaging Students in Developmental Math
Presenters: Colleen Bye, Anne Arendt, Jacque Westover
Track: Engaged Teaching
Lunch    12:15 - 12:30 pm         
Keynote   12:30 - 1:15 pm 

 John Hoffmire

Title: Student Engagement, Impact Investing and Economic Development Toward Poverty Alleviation


Concurrent Session 3   1:30 - 2:45 pm    Session 3A
Type: Panel
Title: Obstacles and Strategies for Bridging the Gap Between
the Community and Higher Education

Presenters: John Hoffmire, Ronda Menlove, Russ Osguthorpe

Track: Community Engagement


Session 3B
Type: Panel
Title: Bridging the Gap Between Classroom Learning and Student Diversity 
Presenters: Trevor Morris, Kyle Reyes, Susan Seymour, Noreen Astin

Track: Cultural Engagement; Engaged Teaching 

   3:00 - 4:30 pm   Poster Session      

Friday March 29 Schedule  

Session Time Room SC 206 B&C Room SC 213A Room SC 213B Room SC 206G/H
Breakfast  8:00-8:30 am 
Continental Breakfast



Session 4
 9:00-9:50 am   Session 4A
Type: Papers
Title:Facilitating Service-Learning with Online and Hybrid Models
Presenter: Suzy Cox
Track: Distance Learning; Engaged Teaching

Title: Engaging students in disaster relief exercises
Presenter: John Fisher
Track: Community Engagement; Engaged Teaching

Session 4B
Type: Papers
Title: Construction Learning-Through-Service: A Case Study
Presenter: Casey Cline
Track: Community Engagement; Engaged Learning

Title: Bridging the Gap Between Coursework and Mastery Learning: Tips and techniques that work.
Presenter: Tyler Griffin
Track: Engaged Teaching

Session 4C 
Type: Papers
Title: Implementing Engaged Learning: Working with Student Resistance 
Presenter: Anton Tolman 
Track: Engaged Teaching

Title: Engagement in Large Astronomy Classes
Presenter: Joseph Jensen
Track: Engaged Teaching
Session 5
 10:00 -10:50 am   Session 5A
Type: Panel
Title:University Community Engagement Project for Literacy and Numeracy
Presenters: Eldon McMurray, Mark Pentz, Stacy Moctezuma, & Steven Clements

Session 5B
Type: Papers
Title: Using Success Stories as a Tool to Develop a Culture of Assessment
Presenter: Michelle Baron
Track: Assessment

Title: Are Online, Hybrid, and Live Math class test scores close enough to allow meaningful embedded assessment?
Presenters: Lynn Adams & Jacob Stallings

Session 5C
Type: Papers
Title: Tips for Implementing Team Based Learning
Presenter: Bonnie Anderson
Track: Engaged Teaching

Title: Team-Based Learning: Bridging the Gap from Classroom Discussion to Community Engagement
Presenter: Steven Emerman
Track: Engaged Teaching


Session 6
11:00 am-12:15pm 



Session 6A
Type: Small Symposia
Title: The EDGE: Education Designed to Give Experience

Presenters: Patrick Clarke, Earl Mulderink, Todd Petersen, Briget Eastep, Katy Herbold, Kurt Harris, Jeb Branin
Track: Curriculum development; Assessment

Session 6B
Type: Papers
Title: Student Perceptions and Knowledge of Evolution
Presenter: Heath Ogden and Emily Holt
Track: Engaged Teaching

Title: GIS Pedagogy, Flipped Labs and Student Achievements
Presenter: Felix Liao 
Track: Engaged Teaching

 Session 6C 
Type: Papers 
Title: A Canvas Open Course: A Handbook for Online Instructors
Presenters: Lin Zhang & Linda Ralston

Tracks: Curriculum Development; E-learning



Plenary  12:45-1:30 pm  

Russell Osguthorpe

Title: Developing a Culture of Assessment


Session 7
 1:40 - 2:30 pm    Session 7A
Type: Small Symposia
Title: Using Strategic Planning Techniques to Bridge the Gap between Department Actions and the University's Core Theme of "Engage"
Presenters: Susan Seymour & Whitney Boswell 
Track: Assessment 

Session 7B
Type: Papers
Title: Engagement and Emotion
Presenter: Andy Gibbons
Track: Engaged Teaching

Title: ""Playing"" Together Nicely: An Exploration of the (Dis)connect Between Pedagogy and Assessment
Presenters: Michael Hilbert & Pace Gardner
Track: Engaged Teaching; Assessment 


Session 7C
Type: Papers
Title: Hybrid Classes: Getting Better Mileage from Combined Course Techniques
Presenter: Jim Green 
Track: E-learning; Distance Education

Title: "Bringing creativity into the classroom via technology " Using Technology as a Pedagogical Tool.
Presenters: Richard Cozzens,  Shalini Kesar, Isabella Borisova
Track: E-learning; Engaged Teaching

Session 8 
 2:40 - 3:30 pm   

Session 8A
Type: Papers
Title: Fulbright Teaching Experience in Belarus and a Visiting Scholar Experience in China and Implications for Students at UVU"
Presenter: Jonathan Westover
Track: Cultural Engagement; Engaged Teaching

Title: Harnessing Consternation & Reflection to Facilitate Cultural Reciprocity in Pre-service Educator
Presenter: Keith Allred
Track: Cultural Engagement  

Session 8B
Type: Papers
Title: The Importance of Liberal Arts: In our Schools and our Communities
Presenter: Harmony Jovet
Track: Community Engagement; Cultural Engagement

Title: Understanding the Interplay: An Examination of the Concealed Weapons Policy in Utah Public Schools and the Effects of that Policy on Students and the Community
Presenter: Pace Gardner
Track: Cultural Engagement


Session 8C
Type: Papers
Title: Exploring Students' Expectation Towards Course Management Systems
Presenter: Haijing Tu
Track: Distance Education; Engaged Teaching

Title: Hybrid First Year Composition "The Changing Nature of the Classroom"
Presenter: Linda Shelton
Track: Distance Education; Curriculum Development

Session 9 
3:40 - 4:30 pm   

Session 9A
Type: Roundtable
Title: Using Study Abroad and Experiential Education to Learn about Japanese Family, Culture, and Nutrition
Presenters: Shawn Christiansen  and Matthew Schmidt
Track: Cultural Engagement; Engaged Teaching

Title: Back-Flip Course Design - Bringing Authenticity into the Course
Presenter: Ken Plummer
Track: Engaged Teaching

Session 9B
Type: Paper
Promoting Student Engagement Through Extended Discussion by Lorraine Wallace
Track: Engaged Teaching

Title: Student Teacher Perceptions of University Supervisor Support
Presenters: Tony Pellegrini & Bart Reynolds
Track: Curriculum Development

Session 9C
Type: Roundtable
Title: Homegrown Music Training Software for In Class Use  
Presenter: Devin Maxwell
Track: Engaged Teaching

Title: Online Plus at SLCC
Presenter: Jason Pickavance
Track: Engaged Teaching; E-learning

Farewell Remarks  4:30 - 5:00 pm 

Richard Tafalla 


Poster Session
Thursday March 28, 2013 Room SC 206B&C

Title: Math Girls Rock!
By: Violeta Vasilevska & Carolyn Hamilton

Title: Mentoring High School Girls through Math Girls Rock! Program
By: Megan DeJager and Kristen Smith

Title: Using Engaged Learning Assignments to Deepen Student Understanding
By: Eileen Doyle Crane

Title: Mastering Basic Statistics: An Online Resource for Students
By: Caitlin Grace O'Connor

Title: Bridging the Gap: Inviting Parent Participation through Culturally Relevant Parent Workshops in Mathematics
By: Sue Womack, Vessela Ilieva, Elaine Tuft, and Mary Sowder,

Title: Does the leadership effort to retain students at risk translate into action?
By: Laura Snelson and Reneé Borns

Title: Using Trust Lands Funds to Benefit Students with Special Needs: Opportunity for Growth in Utah Schools
By: Eric Hastings, Rikki Wheatley, and Cade Charlton

Title: School Trust Lands Bring Communities to Their Schools
By: John Maynes


Title: Look Who's Talking: Exploring Writing Conference Interactions and Subsequent Revision
By: Ryan Krage and Deanna Ashworth

Title: Systematic Engaging Early Literacy
By: Ashley Braswell and Sarah Jensen

Title: Praise Notes: Promoting Good Behavior in Schools
By: Megan Rich

Title: PAWS: Increasing Academic Success for Elementary Students
By: Rikki K. Wheatley, Lynda Jensen, Samantha M. Schneiter, and Sundee R. Ware

Title: Improving Attendance and School Climate while reducing at-risk behaviors in a Troubled Urban High School implementing the Administrative Intervention Model
By: Rikki K. Wheatley, Cade T. Charlton, and Rob P.  Wessman

Title: The 2.0 Project: Using RTI With At-Risk High School Students
By: Bridget Crane

Title: Taking the PULSE of our Schools:  Measuring Conditions For Learning that Predict Student Success
By: Rikki K. Wheatley, Jacob A. Boxx, and Matthew J. Taylor

Title: Mandatory Rock Hour
By: Jacob Wilkey and Bridget Rhoten