New York Times

Teaching with New York Times

Why Use The New York Times

The New York Times is an excellence resource for faulty and students on campus. Other papers are available on campus; however, The New York Times has develop resources for faculty to use when implementing the paper into instruction and provides access to the paper for both the professor and students. 

Benefits of Using The New York Times in Class 

  • Engages students with relevant current events 
  • Spurs critical thinking and debate of ideas
  • Connects class content to current events and the most up-to-date information
  • Creates an informed and engaged citizenry 
  • Improves student vocabulary, reading abilities and writing skills
  • Foster life-longer learning skills 

Ways to Use The New York Times

Instructional Practices for using The NY Times

The NY Times has resources for faculty to begin implementation of NY Times in their instruction. Faculty can access the NY Times classroom ideas. Teaching strategies for disciplines in political science and international affairs; communication and media; business, economics, marketing, and advertising; science disciplines; and first-year experience. 

Access for Professors and Students 

Free print copies of the NY Times are available on campus for faculty and students through the College Readership Program. Faculty who incorporate The New York Times in their courses as required reading in print or through online courses can receive an individual complimentary subscription during the normal class schedule. Faculty need to contact Todd Halvorsen at and provide him a syllabus to receive complimentary faculty subscription. Students can get access through the academic pass program

Faculty Resources

The New York Times Educator Website provides resources and information for faculty who are considering incorporating The Times in their courses
The New York Times in Leadership Program created to support leadership development courses, programs, and conversation.
The New York Times in the First Year Program created to support development of first year students core competencies, including diversity, global, and civic awareness skills.

Sections of The NY Times Paper

It is important to help students understand the different form of articles in the paper. The different new sections have different levels of analysis and opinion content in the each piece. Editorials and Op-Ed pieces reflect the opinion of the writer, which can range from liberal to conservative points-of-views. Most articles report events and minimize opinion. Below are resources from the NY Times to help students understand the different form of articles in the paper: 

NY Times Events on Campus

  • The International and Multicultural Studies program sponsors a weekly event called The Global Review for any faculty, student or staff to attend. Participates discuss events covered in the NY Times. Attendees should bring a copy of the NY Times and pizza will be provided. Please see The Global Review webpage for details.