Accounts Receivable Billing Procedures

To initiate the billing process and request that an invoice be sent to an off-campus party, a Billing Request Form should be completed and submitted to the Accounts Receivable department located within the Business Office. Completed billing requests may be hand delivered to BA-109h, sent by inter-campus mail to mailstop 109, or emailed to All billing requests must contain the following information:

  • Name of company or person to be billed (If a business is invoiced, should we direct the invoice to someone specific?)
  • Current billing address including apartment number or suite. (Include both the street address and a PO box if available.)
  • City, State, Zip
  • Phone number
  • Purchase Order if available. (Usually required by large companies.) Ask the person you are helping if one is required and if so, reference the number and/or attach a copy of the PO to your billing request.
  • Description of services rendered. Be specific including all information that will help explain and clarify the reason for billing. Itemize amounts and include such information as dates, quantities, unit prices, etc.
  • Amount
  • Index and Account and/or Detail Code

Once a Billing Request Form is received by A/R, an official UVU invoice is prepared and sent to the customer. The Index-Account number listed on the Billing Request Form is credited at the time of invoicing for the amount invoiced, and A/R will track the invoice until it is paid in full to the Business Office. (Just a reminder that if your department receives a check in payment of an invoice, the check must be given to the Business Office to process against the invoice.)

A/R will send an automated outstanding invoice list to the responsible party on the index each month showing all A/R invoices that are still outstanding on that index. It is prepared for information purposes only and should be reviewed for accuracy. Please call A/R Department at x8049 or x8961 with any discrepancies or changes, otherwise no further action is necessary.

If we are unable to collect payment on an invoice within 6 months, a memo will be sent to the requesting department to notify them that the remaining amounts will be charged back to the index(s)-account(s) and ask whether the invoice should be forwarded to the UVU Collections Department. If your department receives such a memo, please act promptly. If a requesting department chooses to forward the invoice to UVU Collections Department, accurate backup documentation and time are essential in order to enhance the ability to collect on that invoice.

NOTE: You can protect your department from loss of revenue by having the billing parties sign a contract for services rendered. A section of that contract should explain our collection procedures/policies and the charges that may apply if it becomes necessary to forward the invoice to an outside agency. The UVU Collections Manager can help with the appropriate wording on your contract.

If you have any questions regarding billing procedures, please call the Accounts Receivable Manager, at 863-8961 or 863-8049.