Aviation Science Students

All aviation students who want to apply for ederal Financial Aid must follow the steps listed on the How to Apply page. If you have specific questions regarding your financial aid as an aviation student, please contact our Financial Aid Aviation staff by email at aviationfinaid@uvu.edu or by phone at (801) 863-7860 or toll free at 1-877-336-8872.


Private Education Loan Applications

The Federal Financial Aid you receive may not cover all of your expenses associated with your education. You may apply for private education loans up to the maximum amount of your UVU cost of attendance after federal aid is awarded. In order for UVU to certify a private education loan, you must be admitted to UVU and registered at least half-time (6 credits). You must first complete the lender’s application and promissory note. You may apply to any lender of your choice. The application and promissory note must be submitted to the lender, not to UVU. Please see our Private Education Student Loans section on our Student Loans Information page.

Loan Certification and Disbursement

Once a student is approved for a loan by the lender, the lender will request that UVU certify the loan. When UVU certifies the loan, we are confirming to the lender that you, as the student and loan applicant, meet all eligibility requirements.

The maximum amount you may have certified per year in private education loans is your cost of attendance minus federal aid. Your cost of attendance is federally mandated and includes your costs of attending and pursuing a degree at UVU. Your cost of attendance is calculated every academic year. Loan requests for more than the cost of attendance will be reduced or denied certification by UVU. Loans are generally disbursed in two equal installments, usually at the beginning of each semester. You can only receive the amount that you are eligible for, regardless of what you request.

Private education loan funds will be disbursed from your lender to UVU in the form of a check. This check cannot be released to you until your tuition has been paid in full.