Summer Aid

Summer is the last semester of the academic award year at UVU. If you submitted a FAFSA to UVU during the Fall or Spring semesters of the current aid year, then you do not have to fill out a new FAFSA for Summer semester. If you have not submitted a FAFSA yet for the current aid year, you will need to submit it to UVU.

There are two types of awards available for Summer semester - Pell Grants and student loans. The awards are based on individual student eligibility. If you have received a full Pell Grant for Fall and Spring semesters, you will not have remaining Pell Grant for Summer. You may have remaining Pell Grant eligibility for Summer semester if you only attended one semester or attended part-time, either at UVU or another institution for the current aid year. Pell Grant amounts are subject to each student's Pell Grant Lifetime Eligibility percentage. Also note that if you have received federal loan money at UVU or another institution during the aid year, you may not have any additional loan eligibility for Summer semester.


Summer, make the most of it!

Summer Semester 2015 Completion Grant Requirements & Application

Utah Valley University created this Summer Semester Grant to help students within two semesters of graduating to attend summer and put them a semester closer to graduation. This grant is designed as part of Utah Valley University’s Completion Initiative, providing students with resources to complete and graduate with their degree. Summer semester is one of the options available to assist students in their studies.

Federal Pell Grants are available up to 24 credit hours during the academic school year, and many students use those funds for fall and spring semesters leaving no additional funds to attend summer semester.

Application Deadline: Monday February 3, 2015
Return Completed Application to BA 216 (Browning Administration)
Questions please email: or call 801-863-8100

Scholarship Application (pdf)