Online Scholarship Application


General Information

Scholarships are awarded a year or more in advance of the school year beginning. Students apply through the Comprehensive Online Scholarship Application after logging into myUVU. There are scholarships available for students new to UVU (transfers or just graduated high school) and continuing UVU students.

Scholarships are logged into our database with specific circumstances and additional student requirements, if any. The Comprehensive Online Scholarship Application has two parts to coincide with the database; Part I consists of "selectable" circumstances and Part II consists of selectable scholarships. This enables the matching of student's circumstances and requirement completion to the scholarships identified.

Students completing the online application will be automatically considered for all eligible awards, and most scholarships have no special circumstances or requirements to be matched or completed. The selectable scholarships are general funding groups or specific scholarships. Only a small portion of the total scholarships available are mentioned within Part II because these scholarships require completion of specific student actions such as submission of a written essay. Essays are submitted through the online application.

Students will be notified of awards by email through their myUVU email. Acceptance of the scholarship is done through myUVU's Financial Aid Award page. Scholarship contracts will be viewable, and their instructions must be followed to keep the award. Any scholarships awarded but not accepted by the student will be canceled and awarded to another student. Any scholarship accepted but has unfulfilled requirements will be canceled and awarded to another student.

There are scholarships awarded by government agencies that are administered and awarded by the scholarship office. These applications are handled by the government agency. These awards must still be accepted as mentioned above, and their contract instructions followed.

Some scholarships do not require this application process. The student must check with their academic department identified by their selected degree or special organization to inquire on how to apply for their scholarships.

Part I - Circumstances

Transfer StudentThe following are checkboxes available within the online application to track personal circumstances that may relate to a scholarship requirement. The 'sub' bullets depict the additional information requested from the student or additional requirements.
  • A Child of a UVU Alumni - (non-resident only; Alumni Legacy)
    • Full name (maiden name if applicable) of alumni
    • Address of alumni
    • Dates they attended UVU
    • Phone number
    • Email
  • A home-schooled student (available as a Freshman Student only)
    • The student must take the GED to be assigned a GPA.
    • The student must be 16 years of age to apply for scholarships at UVU.
  • A dependent or head of a large family
    • The FAFSA or the FAFSA4caster is required
    • Essay - One page expressing financial need (4000 characters or spaces maximum)
  • A relative of a donor
    • Name of donor who has donated funding to UVU.
  • Attending Wasatch Campus
    • Wasatch is an extension of UVU in Heber
    • Must be Utah resident required
    • 2.5 GPA required
  • A dependent of full-time UVU employee
    • (additional info needed regarding UVU employee)
  • An international student - student coming to UVU from another country
    • Students must be 18 years or older for admittance to UVU,
    • May only apply for privately funded and certain exceptional performance scholarships.
  • A non-traditional student
    • An adult or non-traditional student is not defined only by age (usually over 24), they are also students with life circumstances different from the typical traditional student. These circumstances include, but are not limited to students who are: parents, displaced homemakers, veterans and someone returning to college after a period of time in the work force or working in their home.
    • FAFSA or Financial Aid Calculator required;
    • 2.5 GPA required.
  • A head of a single parent home
    • A single parent or student comes from a single parent home
    • The FAFSA or the FAFSA4caster is required
    • Essay - One page expressing financial need (4000 characters or spaces maximum)
  • Foster Care recipient
    • Student has been in the Foster Care Program
    • Must be a Utah resident
    • 2.5 GPA required

Part II - Selectable Scholarships

These scholarships are specific to the online scholarship application and require additional actions of the student. Please examine the details of each scholarship so you will be prepared for the application and can complete in a timely fashion.