All Fresh Reading activities will take place in the Losee Center Atrium (4th floor) on Wednesdays throughout the academic year (see schedule below).
Free pizza will be offered at each activity (for activity participants only).

President's 2013-2014 Book Selection

Fall 2013

September 18th | 1:00 pm
Professor Joe Jensen, Physics/Astronomy
"Come Fall in Love with the Stars"
Professor Jensen will give us a glimpse of what Anousheh Ansari experienced while in space by teaching us about the stars and their beauty.

October 2nd | 11:00 am
Professor Jonathan Anderson, Math
"Opportunity, Adversity, and Tenacity"
Professor Anderson will teach students techniques on how to notice opportunity, push through adversity and be persistent in following their dreams and goals.

October 16th | 1:00 pm
Professor Chris Goslin, Student Leadership & Success Studies
"The New Space Race from Dreams to Reality"
Professor Goslin will show how visionary leaders like Anousheh Ansari are building on their successes to create a new industry in the stars.

November 6th | 1:00 pm
Professor Ben Moulton, Math
"Learning from Failure and Success, From a Hegelian Perspective"
Professor Moulton will discuss failures and successes and how they help us to grow.

November 20th | 11:00 am   Cancelled
Professor Jane Loftus, Math
Professor Loftus will explore the topic of immigration and help students gain a better understanding of what immigrants face in today's world.