President's Book Selection: My Dream of Stars

Summer Reading Copy for CLSS 1000 and
ENGH 0890 Students: My Dream of Stars

Guidelines for accessing this pdf book:

Students who are registered to take CLSS 1000 and/or ENGH 0890 during the 2013-2014 academic year (fall or spring semester) may download this pdf version onto their personal computer or tablet, etc. You will receive your hard copy of the book during the first week of class.

Do not share this link or pdf file with other students, family members or the general public. Do not post this link on any web pages, listserves, or social media sites!

The book is copyrighted material and UVU has been provided with a pdf version in consideration of our purchase of a large number of conventional books. Misuse of this electronic version may cause us to remove this privilege from our students.

Download PDF

(File size: 1.6 MB, download may take a few minutes. After file opens, please save to your hard drive.)

If you have any questions about this process, please contact Martha Wilson at