• Book cover of freshman reading selection, "The Boys in the Boat." Caption: All new freshmen should read the book this summer!
  • Save the date for UVU's Freshman Convocation on Monday, August 21st at 6:00 p.m.
  • Green "Startsmart Email" envelope. Caption: Delivered every week during your first semester at UVU. Make sure you read them!

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Be sure to participate in all 8 programs or activities during your freshman year at UVU!

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Keep up-to-date on campus events, fun things to do, and inspiration to keep going when things get tough!

This can’t-miss event will connect you to the people, resources, and services that will support you during your journey at UVU. You’ll learn more about yourself and the important choices you can make to positively impact your university experience. All new freshmen are required to attend Jumpstart before classes begin.

Your academic advisor will help you understand what classes to take and when to take them. As a new student, you’re required to meet with an advisor before you register and you’ll meet with one every semester during your time at UVU.

Pick up your copy of The Boys in the Boat to read before the fall semester starts. Book-related events are held all year beginning with a discussion with President Holland and a visit from the author.

You’ll be warmly welcomed to the university community in a celebration guaranteed to open your eyes to the amazing opportunities that await you at UVU! All Freshmen, admitted either in summer or fall, need to attend. Your families are also invited to attend this commemorative event with you.

6. SLSS 1000 or SLSS 205g
These courses are specifically designed with freshmen in mind, to help you make a successful transition to college-level coursework. Every freshman should take one of these classes during their first year at UVU. Not sure which course is best for you? Ask your advisor.

Each week during your first semester at UVU you will receive an email with helpful information including campus deadlines, resources, reminders, study tips, and more. Make sure you read them!

This end-of-the-year party celebrates your individual success, as well as the success of your freshman class as a whole. You deserve to party—you survived your first year! Besides, what college student ever turned down free food?