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WEEK 1:     Welcome to Start Smart FYE
WEEK 2:     Start Strong with Planning
WEEK 3:     Your Professors are Here to Help
WEEK 4:     Financial Aid and Scholarships
WEEK 5:     Visit the Library
WEEK 6:     Outdoor Recreation and Fitness
WEEK 7:     UVU Student Health Services
WEEK 8:     Get Engaged in Your First Year Experience
WEEK 9:     Jobs, Internships, Careers
WEEK 10:   Are You a Non-Traditional Student?
WEEK 11:   Early Bird Gets the Class
WEEK 12:   Still Trying to Choose a Major?
WEEK 13:   Free Stuff (and Discounts)
WEEK 14:   Dealing with Stress - Hints and Tips
WEEK 15:   Study Tips for Finals
WEEK 16:
   End of the Semester



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