Your first year of college is the perfect time to reflect on the significance that a college degree will have upon the rest of your life. During your freshman year at UVU you will be challenged to focus on the goal of completing a degree program and be given the opportunity to enroll in UVCommit, a unique program designed to help you reach your graduation goal.

Completing a college degree program will take hard work and a persistent determination to keep going, no matter what. UVCommit won't make it easy, but it will connect you to activities, services and resources specifically designed to help you graduate. Plus, you'll be linked up with a support system of other students who share similar interests and challenges.

You've made the decision to be here. Now, make the decision to graduate!

Do I really need a college degree?Yes! According to a recent report, by the year 2018, 66% of all jobs in Utah will require postsecondary education. Currently, only 39% of Utahns hold an associates degree or higher. In our very near future, those without postsecondary education will no longer be able to compete in the increasingly knowledge-based workforce.

The benefits of a college education reach far beyond potential earnings and hireability. College graduates also experience a myriad of health and societal benefits. And, the benefits derived from a college education extend beyond the individual to their children and to the communities where they live and work. Learn the benefits of a college education.

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