Operations Guide

Gascard Information

A Gas Station
Gascard Usage
  1. Fuel network directory is located in vehicle packet.
  2. The GASCARD provided for each vehicle is accepted at State of Utah Fuel Network sites (see enclosed booklet.) A Pin (Personal Identification Number) is required for use with GASCARD. The Pin is located on the rental card form. You will find the GASCARD attached to the keychain.
  3. The GASCARD is to be used for all fuel purchases. If it is impossible to use the GASCARD: you must record the quantity of gas bought, the odometer reading at the time of refueling, and the receipt must be returned to Fleet Operations within 2 days of your return in order to be reimbursed.
  4. GASCARDS are assigned to a particular vehicle and are not interchangeable.
  5. You must enter the correct odometer when fueling the vehicle. If you accidentally enter an incorrect odometer, you can still get fuel, however, you must report the correct and incorrect reading to 863-8720. If you fail to report the error, the State of Utah will assess a $50 fee, to be charged to the department.
  6. When fueling at an ARCO site:
    Sites are pay at the pump only. Card reader is usually located on the center island. The PIN and odometer reading must be entered as one 10-digit number.

Finding Accepting GASCARD Merchant Site