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Ed Pubs - Order free U.S. Department of Education Publications

Ed Pubs' website includes publications by the U.S. Department of Education including: financial aid information, brochures, and videos.


Scholarships is a powerful tool with information on how to receive scholarships as well as information on scholarships available in Utah.

Utah Futures Career Information Systems is Utah's career information system and contains information on how to search for jobs, leading-edge career planning tools, and skills necessary when seeking for jobs.

Step up to higher education contains information for students, parents, and educators to assist them in helping students apply for higher education. The website includes information on how to pay for college and local programs in your school’s area.

Just for Youth

Just For Youth is a website for Utah teens on how to receive scholarships, housing, jobs, higher education, crisis intervention, and more. This website is a comprehensive tool for local teens.

Understanding Federal Student Loans: Find out about understanding the types of federal student loans through this informative YouTube video.
15 to Finish Utah

College is not as long as you might think. 15toFinish is a valuable website where students can find out how to graduate from college faster. Graduating earlier saves students money and working faster.

Workforce Services

The Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Youth Program assists eligible 14- to 21-year-olds with their education, careers, and personal success. Find your local WIA Youth Provider ( - pdf) for more information.


ACT's website contains information on when the ACT test is given, helpful tools on preparing for the ACT, and walks individuals through the ACT test taking process.

uheaa includes information about how to finance higher education. UHEAA’s website includes financial calculators, information on how to file a FAFSA, and forms needed to apply for various financial needs.

Federal Student Aid is where students and parents go to fill out the free FAFSA application. It also contains assistance filling out the form including a “Help and Hints” tool and an online or telephone chat system with professionals.

This website contains information on the U.S. Department of Education’s GEAR UP grant.

Borrow Wi$ely

Borrow Wisely is a powerful program with information about how to pay for college and what type of money is out there for you as a student.


What happens after you submit your FAFSA?:Have you wondered what happens after you submit your FAFSA and how long it will take until you find out how much money you will have for school? Find out by viewing this YouTube video.


Do you want to have three times as much money for college? The Utah Individual Development Account Network (UIDAN) makes it possible for students and families to build their savings. UIDAN matches $3.00 for every $1.00 deposited into an Individual Development Account (IDA).