General Education Committee

Committee Support/Facilitation

Maureen Andrade, AVPAA, Academic Programs
Lynn Wing, Administrative Assistant to Committee


Cyndi Krebs, Technology & Computing
Todd Goddard, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Angie Banchero-Kelleher, School of the Arts
Sandy Jay, School of Education
Andy Byrnes, College of Aviation and Public Services
Mike Shaw, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Eugene Seeley, Woodbury School of Business
Jim Harris, Science and Health
Hong Pang, Humanities and Social Science
Renee Borns, University College
Margaret Bellon, Graduation and Transfer Services
Jeff Calderwood, UVUSA Senator for University College

Resource Consultants

Eva Bernfeld, Director, Academic Scheduling and Curriculum
Doug Gardner, Coordinator, Learning Communities
Anton Tolman, Director, Faculty Center
Marc Jorgenson, Director, Institutional Effectiveness
Tim Stanley, Associate Director, Institutional Research & Information
Quinn Koller, Director, Academic Assessment and Program Review
Reba Keele, Science and Health