1. The Global/Intercultural requirement will be satisfied by a single course of at least three credit hours.
  2. Global/Intercultural issues must be central to each course, rather than one element among several to be explored.
  3. Specific courses, and the issues under examination in each course, may take a local intercultural or international perspective.
  4. Courses should, when possible, include texts and teaching materials that originate within the specific group(s) under examination.
  5. When possible, courses should help students discover interconnections among different groups and cultural contexts, showing how their own experiences relate to those of other cultures.
  6. As course applications are received through COMET or the curriculum office, they will be forwarded to the G/I committee which will determine eligibility for completion of the G/I requirement, and not the curriculum committee.
  7. Instructors must agree to provide outcomes assessment as designed by the Global Intercultural Committee each time the course is taught.