Assist graduate programs in the areas of recruitment, admission, operational implementation, retention, scholarship, thesis completion, and graduation at Utah Valley University.


  1. Gather data of constituent groups to determine feasibility, need, and efficacy of recruitment.
  2. Identify, develop, and evaluate resources available and resources needed for admission, operational implementation, retention, progress, and graduation.
  3. Coordinate admission criteria, progression standards, and graduation requirements for graduate programs.
  4. Support the development of program evaluation criteria for measuring outcomes and ensuring consistency of academic practices and processes.
  5. Review, initiate, and draft institutional policies, program specific practices, and catalog information pertaining to graduate programs.


  1. Associate Vice President of Academic Programs.
  2. Program coordinators from UVU graduate programs.
  3. Administrators from offices that support the graduate programs: admissions, graduation, curriculum/scheduling, academic IT, registrar, enrollment management, advisement, marketing, and others as needed.