FAQs for Faculty/Staff graduation cap

Graduation Applications

How do students apply to graduate?
What are the application deadlines?
How much does it cost?

Please visit UVU's Apply to Graduate web page.

NOTE: Students must apply for the semester in which ALL graduation requirements will be complete...not earlier.

Reissued Diploma Applications

How do UVU Graduates apply for a Reissued UVU Diploma?

Online via the Alumni Association web page.

How much does it cost?

$25 per diploma - Fee is paid during the online reissued diploma application session.

Graduation Ceremonies (Commencement/Convocation)

When/where/how do faculty/staff order a cap & gown?
When/where do faculty/staff pick up their cap & gown?
When/where do faculty/staff line up to walk in the Commencement Processional?

Please visit UVU's Faculty/Staff Graduation Ceremonies web page.

Faculty and Staff at Commencement

When/where are UVU's graduation ceremonies?
What is the difference between Commencement & Convocation?
Does it cost to attend?
Are tickets required?
Where should I park?

Please visit UVU's Community Graduation Ceremonies web page.

What information should I give student who want to walk in the ceremonies?
Which students are eligible to walk?
When do students need to register?
What is the difference between applying for graduation & registering to walk?
How do students order a cap & gown?

Please visit UVU's Student Graduation Ceremonies web page.