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Am I on Track to Graduate?

Check your progress toward graduation by viewing your Wolverine Track.

How do I Apply for Graduation?
What are the Deadlines?
What is the Cost?

Please view the Apply to Graduate web page.

Do I need my Transcripts from Other Institutions sent to UVU before I Apply for Graduation?

No. There is a section in the online application where you can indicate if you are sending transcripts from another college/university.

Can I Graduate with More than 1 Bachelor Degree?

Yes. All requirements must be met for both degrees and you must complete "30 semester hours beyond the original degree." You apply for each Bachelor degree separately & receive 2 diplomas.

What is a Dual Major?

This is when a student is seeking two Bachelor degrees but has not met the required "30 semester hours beyond the original degree" requirement as listed in UVU's Course Catalog under the Graduation and General Education section. You apply for 1 Bachelor degree and receive 1 diploma with both majors listed.

Due to specific major requirements, very few majors have fewer than 30 semester hours difference. Students must have prior approval to seek a dual major.

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How do I Apply for Multiple Degrees?
How do I Apply for a General Associate Degree?
What is the Difference Between an AA or AS Degree?
How do I Apply for a Degree Different than my Declared Major?
What is a Catalog Year?
How do I Review an Audit in Wolverine Track?
How do I Enter a Foreign Address and/or Phone Number?

During the application, there is a link at the bottom of each page titled "Need Help?" Click on the link for answers to common questions.

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Have I Met the Graduation Requirements?
What are Completion & Requirement Deadlines?

Check your progress toward graduation by viewing your Wolverine Track.

All graduation requirements (coursework, exams, etc.) must be fully completed by the Completion Deadline (last day of the graduation application semester). Additionally, all requirements must show as complete (100%) in Wolverine Track by the Requirement Deadline.

Requirements may include, but are not limited to: all current semester grades, Incomplete 'I' and Missing 'M' grades, grade changes, challenge/experiential credit, Advanced Placement 'AP' credit, CLEP/DSST credit, required testing, departmental exceptions, other non-UVU (Transfer) credit.

Summer 2017 Completion Deadline - August 11, 2017.
Summer 2017 Requirement Deadline - September 15, 2017.

Fall 2017 Completion Deadline - December 16, 2017.
Fall 2017 Requirement Deadline - January 15, 2018.

Spring 2018 Completion Deadline - May 3, 2018.
Spring 2018 Requirement Deadline - May 31, 2018.


How will I be Contacted if there are Problems or Questions with my Graduation?

Check your myUVU e-mail address often. This is how you will be contacted if questions or problems arise during and after the semester of application. Approximately 8-10 weeks after the end of the semester, graduation deficiency notices will show in the Graduation and Diploma Status link listed below.

Spring 2017 deficiencies show in the Graduation and Diploma Status link. Students have been notified via myUVU e-mail to re-apply for graduation.


When will my Records Show I have Graduated?

The Graduation Office will start awarding/posting degrees approximately 2 weeks after the end of each semester. This posting process takes approximately 6-8 weeks and is done alphabetically by last name. The moment your degree is awarded/posted, the status text in the Graduation and Diploma Status link will say "Graduated for (year and semester)."

Spring 2017 awarding/posting of degrees is complete.


Have I Graduated?
How do I Check my Graduation and Diploma Status in myUVU?

Check your graduation information and status in myUVU:

  1. View Degree Information in myUVU for current students under My Academics
  2. View Degree Information in myUVU for former students under My Academic Record


Degree Information Listed in myUVU:

  • Applied for Graduation or Graduated
  • Year and Semester of Application
  • Graduation Date
  • Honors
  • Graduating Degree, Major, Concentration(s), Minor(s)
  • Name to Appear on Diploma
  • Diploma Mailed Date
  • Deficiency Comments
  • Link to View Holds
  • Link to View Addresses (including Diploma Mailing Address)
  • etc


How do I get Official Documentation of Graduation?

Official documentation of graduation is your Academic Transcript and may be requested through myUVU or One Stop/Records.


When/Where will I Receive my Diploma?

Please view the Diplomas web page.


What do I Need to Do to Walk in the Graduation Ceremony?

UVU's graduation celebration is held once a year at the end of Spring semester. Students who are eligible to participate will receive an invitation via their myUVU e-mail in mid/late February. If you wish to participate, you must register with the graduation office. For more information, please view the Commencement web page.