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General information from previous years is listed below. Please check back in mid/late February 2016 for specific details.


UVU holds one graduation celebration a year at the end of Spring Semester (the next celebration will be held April 28 & 29, 2016). Two types of graduation ceremonies will be held: commencement and convocation (explained below). Participant eligible students (explained below) are invited to participate via UVLink e-mail in mid/late February. Participation is desirable but not mandatory. All students wishing to participate in the commencement and/or convocation exercises must register to participate with the Graduation Office and must wear a black cap & gown and green stole to the exercises. Filling out a Graduation Application does NOT register a student to participate in the ceremonies.

Processional, Commencement & Recessional

(Thursday - April 28, 2016)

Commencement is the main ceremony held on Thursday evening (April 28th) for all participant eligible students/graduates. A formal processional (where all Graduates, Faculty/Staff, and Platform Guests march across campus) will start earlier than the commencement ceremony and arrive at the UCCU Center. Once the processional reaches the UCCU Center, the commencement ceremony begins with the pomp and circumstance music being played while the graduates are directed to their seats on the main floor. Once the graduates are seated, the President of UVU, a keynote speaker, and others will address the graduates and audience. Honorary Degree recipient(s) from the community will also be presented. During this ceremony all the graduates will stand as a group then be congratulated and instructed to move their tassels from the right to the left side of their cap. A formal recessional (where all Graduates, Faculty/Staff, and Platform Guests are directed out of the UCCU Center) marks the end of this ceremony. Graduate's names are listed in the printed commencement program.

Convocations & Receptions

(Friday - April 29, 2016)

UVU is divided into different colleges/schools. Students are assigned to a college/school according to their major*. Each college/school holds its' own ceremony which is called convocation. Convocations are held throughout the day on Friday (April 29th). During the convocation, the valedictorian(s) will speak and the participant eligible students/graduates will be recognized individually. A representative of the college/school will announce each graduate's name, degree, and major as the graduate walks across the stage to receive a diploma cover (not the actual diploma) and have their picture taken by a professional photographer. Graduate's names are not listed in the printed convocation programs...they are listed in the printed commencement program.

(*Graduates may participate in a convocation other than the one associated with their graduating major IF they indicate the other convocation when registering to participate in the ceremonies.) 

Some colleges/schools will hold a reception after their convocation in which graduates and their families may mingle with faculty/staff...there are usually some refreshments involved. There may also be a presidential reception hosted by UVU's President.

Participant Eligible Students

(2016 Ceremonies)

Students who graduate in Summer or Fall 2015.
Students who apply and are accepted to graduate in Spring 2016.

Exception Participants:
Students who apply and are accepted to graduate in Summer 2016 (must apply by the ceremony registration deadline & mark "Yes - Exception Participant" in the Graduation Application). Summer 2016 graduate's ceremonies are next year, but you may participate this year if unable to attend next year.

Detailed Information - UVLink E-mails

(mid/late February, after submitting Ceremony Registration Form, & early April)

Eligible students will receive a "Grad CEREMONY Details" e-mail in UVLink in mid/late February inviting them to participate in the graduation ceremonies. The e-mail will include a link to the First Commencement Letter containing instructions on how to register to participate in the ceremonies (including deadline), information about the UVU Grad Fair, and how to order their cap and gown, tassel, stole, honor cord/medallion, announcements, etc.

After submitting the Graduation Ceremony Registration Form (CommRegForm - see Ceremony Registration section below), registered participants will receive a "Grad CEREMONY Confirmation" e-mail acknowledging their desire to participate in the ceremonies. The e-mail will contain important information such as: check-in name, degree, major, convocation attending, ordering code for cap & gown (and honor cord/medallion if applicable), etc.

Students who registered with the Graduation Office to participate in the graduation ceremonies will receive a "Grad CEREMONY Schedule" e-mail in UVLink in early April. The e-mail will include a link to a Second Commencement Letter containing a rehearsal date & time, a detailed schedule of events (including reception information), cap & gown pickup days/times/locations, and other important information.

Ceremony Registration

(available in mid/late February through early March)

All students wishing to participate in the graduation ceremonies must register to participate with the Graduation Office by the specified deadline in the "Grad CEREMONY Details" email. The online ceremony registration form (in which students tell us exactly which ceremonies they're attending) is usually available during mid/late February and early March. Applying to graduate (by completing the Online Graduation Application through Wolverine Track) does NOT register a student to participate in the ceremonies.

Cost of Attending/Participating

There is no cost to attend commencement and/or convocation. Students/graduates participating in the ceremonies may have the following related expenses:

  • Black Cap & Gown with Green Stole- variable packages
    • A Black Cap & Gown with Green Stole is REQUIRED to participate
    • Undergraduate Degrees - approximately $52 for minimum package
    • Graduate Degrees - approximately $72 for minimum package
  • Announcements- variable packages & individual items
    • Packages - approximately $42.50 for minimum package (personalized packages also available)
    • Samples & generic announcements available at the UVU Bookstore
    • May be purchased even if not attending the ceremonies
  • Honors Recognition based on UVU Cumulative GPA
    • Associate Degree - Honor Cord (GPA 3.60 to 3.79) or High Honor Cord (GPA 3.80 to 4.00) - approximately $14
    • Bachelor Degree - Personalized Medallion (GPA 3.60 to 4.00) - approximately $23

UVU contracts with outside companies each year for these ceremony related items. The first commencement e-mail will contain finalized information regarding price, ordering procedures, and deadlines.


Each college/school will select two Valedictorians: an Associate degree graduate and a Bachelor degree graduate. Approved guidelines will provide the framework for the process of selecting Valedictorians.


Diplomas are NOT distributed during the ceremonies. For information regarding when/where you will receive your diploma, please view our Diplomas web page.

Commencement Ceremony

Commencement Ceremony

Commencement Ceremony

Commencement Ceremony