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Guidelines for Contacting The Honors Board of Senators (HBOS)

Meetings with all or some members of HBOS can be scheduled as needed according to particular situations and availability of HBOS members. The "Suggestion, Question, or Praise" box is located in the Honors Student Lounge (LC 203).


Reasons Students Should Contact HBOS

1. Colloquium syllabus / Calendar of Events. HBOS reports directly to the Honors Program Director, also the instructor for the course. Suggestions for Colloquium curriculum improvement or change are documented and presented to the Director and when appropriate, the Honors Steering Committee.

2. Honors Program expectations. All HBOS members are seasoned Honors students and have demonstrated academic excellence and dedication to their individual areas of study.

3. Interest in joining HBOS. Students interested in participating as a member of HBOS are encouraged to apply.

4. Advice. HBOS can assist students who may be struggling for various reasons within the Honors Program. Honors students who have concerns regarding Honors Policy, suggestions for improvement of the Honors Program, confidential issues to be addressed by the Honors Steering Committee and/or the Program Director, or discomfort discussing any situations with Honors Coordinators or the Program Director, HBOS can provide a peer-directed conversation and will keep students' information confidential.


Reasons Students Should NOT Contact HBOS

1. Honors Program requirements. Students should meet with their Honors Program Coordinator.

2. General life crises affecting their enrollment in the Honors Program. Unless students feel more comfortable with peer review, they will likely be referred to the Honors Program Coordinator responsible for them or the Program's Director.

3. Academic complications affecting students' enrollment in the Honors Program. HBOS will be reviewing students on probation as those situations arise. Members of HBOS do not have the authority to revise issues or defend students on academic probation within the Program without obvious cause.

4. Specific complaints about UVU employees. Harassment of any sort, for example, is to be taken up with the Human Resources Department (Room BA 110).

5. Class Registration issues. Students should meet with their Honors Program Coordinator.

6. Financial (including Financial Aid) issues.


The Honors Program Suite (LC 202–204)

The Honors Program's Suite is an ideal location for Honors Students to relax or study. The Honors Program's Conference Room and Computer Lab (LC 202) is available for students to hold study groups or meetings or to use the Honors Program's computers and printers. The Honors Student Lounge and Library (LC 203) is available for students to borrow books, relax on a number of comfortable couches, or meet as large groups. The Honors Program Coordinators and Program Director keep their office hours in the Honors Suite as well as the HBOS, who are available to answer questions or help with concerns.

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Honors Program Staff


Honors Program Director: 
Dr. Kate McPherson 
Office: LC 204a 
Telephone: 801.863.8055 
Email: kmcpherson@uvu.edu 


Program Coordinator: 
Allen Hill 
Office: LC 202a 
Telephone: 801.863.6841 
E-mail: allen.hill@uvu.edu 


Program Coordinator: 
Tiffany Nez 
Office: LC 204a 
Telephone: 801.863.6223 
E-mail: tiffany.nez@uvu.edu 


On Campus | Main Office: LC 204 | Telephone: 801.863.6262 | Fax: 801.863.6562 |
Email: HonorsProgram@uvu.edu | Web: www.uvu.edu/honors 


Mailing Address | Utah Valley University | Honors Program MS 274 | 800 West University Parkway | Orem, Utah 84058-5999


Student Handbook2 

Honors Student Handbook (pdf)


thesis guidelines

Honors Thesis Guidelines (pdf)



Honors Contract (pdf)


course planner

Honors Course Planner (pdf)