Residential Engagement Coordinator Program

Where student housing becomes the true college experience!

The Residential Engagement Coordinator Program or REC Program is a unique residence life program that works specifically to engage students in off-campus housing. The REC Program is an integral part of the university and it makes off-campus housing much more than just a place to sleep.

REC leaders are here to provide students with involvement opportunities and encourage students to participate in in social, educational, service, leadership, and recreational activities that establish the true campus life experience.  Along with these activities, REC leaders also act as a resource support system for their peers by providing campus resources to each student at their events. Our leaders are educated to help students better understand campus life, and trained to connect students with correct campus resources so each student remains successful all the way through school. 

By helping students actively come together housing community they will be supported by their peers. In leading students to resources for success we help students strive to reach graduation. With students being supported and reaching success, we establish lasting tradition that helps each student to have the best college experience possible!

Mission Statement

Through "Residential Engagement" we seek to leave powerful impressions through positive experiences within the Off-Campus Housing Community. By accomplishing this goal we establish school pride and student unity, which in turn perpetuates each student's inward commitment to Utah Valley University and its future success!  

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Why participate in the REC Program?

There are countless benefits to joining the REC program. When students participate, they are able to

  • Build a resume with leadership experience
  • Successfully navigatethe resources available at UVU
  • Become a knowledgeable resource support for other UVU students
  • Meet students with similar interests and create lifelong friendships
  • Participate in fun and exciting activities
  • Receive a housing scholarship exclusive to those accepted into the REC program


There are certain skills that will help coordinators be more successful as they create engaging environments for their fellow students. Consider applying to be a REC if the following describe you:

  • Maintains positive relationship-building and listening skills
  • Ability to interpret and solve complex problems
  • Successful with scheduling and time-management skills
  • Experience with selling, marketing or brand promotion
  • Self-motivated, self-disciplined and self-supervised
  • Strong follow-through and ability to complete assigned tasks efficiently
  • Outgoing personality, with an enthusiasm foruniversity life

Participation Requirements

  • Each REC student must fully commit to the REC Program for the entire "Academic Year," running August 1st - April 30th.  (Note: The REC Program does not function during the summer) 
  • Each REC partnership facilitates at least two on-site activities and promotes two on-campus activities each month (12 activities per semester).  
  • All RECs are required to attend a leadership class held once a week. The class includes graded assignments that will help strengthen leadership styles
  • RECs are expected to be in the office 6-10 hours each week to plan programs, make assignments, manage budgets, create marketing materials and complete class assignments.
  • RECs are required to attend various trainings and workshops throughout the year (mostly in class) that will help them gain valuable leadership skills that they are expected to apply to their leadership as RECs.
  • Each REC is required to attend both the fall and spring REC retreats.
  • Each REC is also required to attend assigned UVU leadership days.
  • 2.50 Cumulative GPA or higher when applying and a maintained 2.50 GPA each semester
  • Successful Programming and Event Performance
  • Full-Time Student Status at UVU (12 credits or more)
  • Physical ability to lift equipment unaccompanied
  • Adherence to UVU Student Leadership Participation Clause  
  • Background Check

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Benefits - Full Housing Scholarship*

Through the "Residential Engagement Initiative," various student housing complexes located near Utah Valley University support the REC program by providing UVU REC students with housing scholarships so that our leaders can focus on creating specific student-centered activities that are tailored to the students who live within their apartment complexes. Our goal is to engage each student within these apartment complexes and help them build a greater sense of community within their complex and with the university. 

Who can be a REC ---  Qualifications

  • Any full-time student attending UVU can apply for the REC
  • To qualify during the program, each student must have full-time student status, meaning they must register and complete a minimum of 12 credit hours each semester.
  • Each student coming into the program is to have a cumulative 2.50 GPA or higher.*
  • Each student is also expected to maintain a 2.50 GPA each semester while in the program.*
  • Students must not hold another student leadership position while in the REC Program.*

How to Apply

Students interested in becoming a REC (Residential Engagement Coordinator) will need to come to this website to apply online during the open application date listed below:

APPLICATION OPEN: Applications will open from February 1st, 2015 and will close on February 28th, 2015 at 11:45pm.

Only students admitted into the REC Program are eligible for REC Housing Scholarships. Utah Valley University maintains the "Residential Engagement Initiative" with off-campus housing complexes who provide housing scholarships for our student leaders. REC Students must perform programming responsibilities throughout the year in order to qualify for the REC housing scholarship. 

DISCLAIMER: Please reference the "Housing Disclaimer" page.