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Do You Have a Stress Ball that has the Department's Social Media on it?

If you don't have a stress ball come into LA 030 and get one.

Baktybek Abdrisaev has distributed green balls across the world. Send us your picture. 




Utah Valley University's student's selected for state internships

 Senior History Thesis Award Recipients for 2014-2015

 Lucille T. Stoddard Outstanding Senior Thesis Award

Mandy Albino for her thesis “Letras de Asesinato: Narcocorridos and the Battle for Censorship”

 Senior Thesis Honorable Mention

Kristopher Willis for his thesis “Pope Pius II and Desiderius Erasmus: The Turkish Threat and the Need for Unity”


New Urban Mechanics

"Provo leaders aim to maximize faith-based, civic volunteerism"



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