History Journal - 2007

Editor's Note

Crescat Scientia - Journal of History

The potential of human knowledge and ability is unknown and limitless. That is why I encourage each and all to join in making this history journal a success. To those who explore the past, a greater understading and appreciation for today's present will develop. I challenge you to share those insights on hsitory with others by submitting your papers. This means that political science, english, and other departmental papers are welcome, so long as the paper demonstrates accurately and articulately how history has been an influence in the topic chosen. We have an excellent team ont he journal staff - Zarieck, Lisa, Lillian and our advisor Keith Snedegar. We are very excited for the upcoming 2008 edition. The quality of the journal will be in proprostion to those who contribute. Let's make this the best year yet!.

Marisa Dore


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