Utah Valley University's Workforce by the Numbers:
Do you ever wonder about the significance of UVU's workforce? To answer that question, consider:
  • Utah Valley University is Orem's largest employer, the 4th largest employer in Utah County, and among the top 25 employers in the State of Utah.
  • UVU's workforce of 4,881 employees includes 1,721 full-time and 3,160 part-time individuals.
  • In November 2014, UVU employed 590 full-time faculty, 978 part-time faculty,1,099 full-time staff, 808 part-time staff, 32 administrators, and 1,325 students.
  • More than 80% of Utah Valley University's $165 Million appropriated budget is spent on salaries and benefits for employees.
  • Indirectly, UVU supports an additional 6,399 jobs in its service region.
Sources: Fall 2014 UVU Human Resources data; State of Utah Workforce Services; Utah Valley University Economic Impact, December 1, 2011