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Utah Valley University (UVU) offers a competitive health care benefits package to our employees.

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"The University's employee benefits program is an integral and important part of employees' overall compensation package."

Election of benefits is made at the time of hire after an in-depth orientation meeting with the Human Resources Benefits staff. Health, Life and Long-term disability insurance coverage begins the 1st day of the month for employees working the 1st working day of that month. Coverage for employees hired after the 1st working day of the month begins the first of the month after hire.

Changes in insurance companies and coverage may be made during an annual open enrollment period, in April of each year. Family status changes should be made as they occur (within 30 days or coverage may be denied) by contacting the Human Resources Department.

Eligibility - Employees and their dependents are eligible for participation in benefit coverage if the employee is a full-time benefit eligible employee of UVU. Dependents of the employee eligible for coverage include dependent children from birth to their 26th birthday and the employee's spouse. Effective for July 1, 2011, married dependents under age 26 may be covered, however, the plan does not cover their spouse or dependent children.

Termination of Benefits - Except in the case of tuition waivers, all benefits terminate at the end of the pay period in which the employee terminates employment. Tuition waiver benefits cease at the end of the academic semester in which the employee terminates employment.

Medical Insurance - The UVU medical insurance plans are self-funded by UVU and administered by UMR. For more information, visit the summary of benefits found on this page.

Dental Insurance - UVU offers one dental insurance plan option. The dental plan is self-funded by UVU and administered by EMI Health. The dental insurance plan is EMI Health Premier Indemnity. For more information, access the summary of benefits found on this page.

Vision Insurance - A supplemental vision plan is available through United Healthcare. It may be elected on the initial set up of benefits, or during Open Enrollment each April. The premium is paid for by the employee only. For more information, access the summary of benefits found on this page.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA) - Allows benefit eligible employees to elect an amount to be deducted each payroll (before taxes) to pay for medical, dental, and vision expenses (portion not covered by insurances), and dependent care expenses tax free. UVU pays the annual administrative fee of $24.00 for standard reimbursement. Debit card available, $19.92 annual fee paid by the employee.

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