Human Resources Forms, Guidelines and Information

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Benefit Forms

Employee Request for Leave of Absence
This form is used to request extended leave without pay or administrative paid leave.  

Faculty Application for Sabbatical Leave
This form is used by Faculty members to request sabbatical leave.  

Healthcare Insurance Enrollment/Change Guide
This document is used by full-time employees to enroll/change medical, dental, vision, basic life insurance, and LTD.  

Online Tuition Waiver Exception Form 
This form is only used by individuals that qualify for a tuition waiver but do not have access to UVLink to submit an Online Tuition Waiver.
  Please refer to the Online Tuition Waiver Tip Sheet if you have questions.

Flu Shot Questionnaire and Consent Form
This form must be completed by the  benefit eligible employee and dependents to receive a flu shot. The form must be printed and submitted at the time of service. Contact Irene at ext. 8389 with questions.  

Compensation Forms

Job Description Template (docx)

Compensation Action Request Form
This form is used for all compensation action requests such as: new position outside of PBA, position title change, retention increase, job reclassification and market evaluations.

Organization Structure Change Request
This form is used to submit an Organizational change for administrative approval (an updated Organization Chart MUST be attached along with any other support documentation). This form is used to ensure consistent updating of all UVU information systems.  

Additional Assignment Authorization Form
Employees must use this form to obtain authorization prior to accepting an overload assignment outside of their primary assignment. This form replaces the "Overload Assignment Authorization" form.  

Repayment Agreement
This form is to be used by departments requiring that employee certification or licensing expenses incurred by UVU must be paid back if the employee doesn't work for a set amount of months after the certification has been obtained.

Volunteer Agreement
This form should be completed by all individuals that wish to volunteer their services to Utah Valley University. 

Employment Forms

Confidential Employee Data Form
This form is used to complete employee data files maintained in Human Resource Services - ALL new employees MUST complete the form. (Employees should also report changes in their confidential data by completing this form.)  

Policies & Disclosures Form
This form MUST be completed by all new employees.

List of Acceptable Documents
This form lists all of the documents and combinations of documents that a new hire can use to satisfy the requirements of the Federal I-9 form.   

New Hire Packet (Full-Time)
This packet contains forms that newly hired full-time employees must complete. (W-4, Confidential Employee Data Form, Statement of Responsibility Form, etc.).  

New Hire Packet (Part-Time)
This packet contains forms that newly hired part-time/variable hour employees must complete. (W-4, Confidential Employee Data Form, Statement of Responsibility Form, etc.). 

Payroll Direct Deposit Form
This form authorizes payroll to deposit pay checks into the employee's bank account - MUST be completed by new employees.  

Reference Check Form
This form is used to record notes from discussions with a candidate's references for employment. 

Policy 302 Update Tip Sheet

Staff Hiring Packet
This packet contains step-by-step instructions and information for hiring managers and search committees when conducting a non-faculty staff search.

Faculty Hiring Packet
This packet contains step-by-step instructions and information for hiring managers and search committees when conducting a faculty search.

Executive Hiring Packet
This packet contains step-by-step instructions and information for hiring managers and search committees when conducting a executive search.

Utah Retirement Systems Post-Retirement Employment Form
This form must be completed by all new employees currently receiving retirement distributions from Utah Retirement Systems.

Information Security Rules of Conduct
This form states the responsibility of employees and system users when dealing with confidential data - it must be signed by ALL employees.  

W-4 Form
This IRS form is used to select tax withholding status - must be completed by ALL new employees. (Employees wanting to change their withholding status must complete a new form with each change.)  

Miscellaneous HR Forms

HR Banner Access Form
Used to request Time/Leave Approval, Proxy, & Department Time Entry access. Also used to request eSAF and ePAF access.  

Consulting Request Form
This form needs to be completed by employees that consult on University property.  

Complaint Form
This form is used to report a complaint to Human Resources. It also informs the complainant of their right to take their allegations to the appropriate state or federal agencies. 

Departmental New Employee Checklist
This checklist provides guidance for departments when on boarding a new employee.

Managers Checklist for Terminating Full-time Employees
This checklist provides guidance for managers when a full-time employee is terminating (voluntarily or involuntarily) from the University.

Checklist for Exiting Full-time Employees
This checklist provides guidance for full-time employees ending employment with the University.

Update Online Organization Chart
This form is used to make corrections to the Online Organization Charts.  This form is not a replacement for the Organization Structure Change Request form that is used to restructure an area.

Probationary Period Evaluation Form
This form should be used in providing feedback to a probationary employee, as outlined in UVU Policy #334 - Probationary Period for Staff Employees.

Guidelines and Information

Adjunct Faculty Teaching by Salaried Exempt, Non-faculty Employees: Clarification of Policy and Administrative Procedure
This document provides clarification of University policy and administrative procedure with regard to exempt, salaried, non-faculty employees who chooses to accept an adjunct assignment in addition to their primary assignment. Please also refer to the "Additional Assignment Authorization" form.

Handling a Death of an Employee
A supervisor checklist for handling the death of an employee at work or outside of work. 

Work Schedule Guidelines (Request Form)
Guidelines for alternate work schedules for full-time employees.

Workplace Answers Harassment Training FAQ
Responses to frequently asked questions concerning the Workplace Answers Harassment training all employees are required to complete.

Work-at-Home Leader Job Aid
This form is used by a leader considering a work-at-home arrangement.  

Work-at-Home Agreement
This form is used as the formal agreement for work-at-home arrangements. It requires the approval signature of the area's vice president. See the Work-at-Home policy (#332) on the policy page. (  

Work-at-Home Checklist
This form is a safety checklist for employees who have been approved for work-at-home arrangements.