2014 Performance Plans are now accessible at www.uvu.jobs/hr

2013 Summation Forms, due on March 31, need to be turned into HR.


2014 Performance Plans, due April 30, can be completed at uvu.jobs/hr.

Instructions and resources are located near the bottom of this page.

Performance Management Program

The performance management program is intended to help employees be successful in their jobs at Utah Valley University and participate in continuous feedback and support. Performance management also helps achieve individual, department and institution-wide results by:

  • opening lines of communication;
  • promoting a work environment in which goals are set and achieved through working together;
  • coaching performance at different levels; and
  • providing the tools to plan, maintain, and continuously improve future performance.

The performance management program applies to full-time, non-faculty staff.

Evaluation Cycle

  • During the year - Effective and balanced coaching and feedback (performance feedback at least quarterly).
  • January to March - Leaders meet with staff employees for annual evaluation discussions and complete the Summation Form.
  • April - Final reports submitted by HR to executive leadership.

Evaluation Tools

  • Summation Form - The main performance management tool that summarizes an employee's performance during a specific period of time (i.e., 3, 6 months or annual).
  • Preparing for a Performance Evaluation Discussion with an Employee - A guide to help leaders prepare for a performance evaluation discussion with their employees.
  • Preparing for Your Own Performance Evaluation Discussion - A guide to help employees prepare for a performance evaluation discussion with their leaders.

Evaluation Process

  • Employees complete the employee sections of the Summation Form and give the form to their supervisor.
  • Supervisors complete the form, including the "Supervisor's Comments" section.
  • Supervisors should discuss an employee's annual summation with the second level supervisor prior to meeting with the employee.
  • Supervisor and employee evaluate the employee's performance based on supporting material. The supervisor records the employee's annual performance on the 2013 Summation Form.
  • Employee and supervisor discuss and sign the completed 2013 Summation Form. Additionally, employees should complete the Annual Conflict of Interest Statement at this time. Send this form along with the completed 2013 Summation Form to HR.
  • The employee, supervisor and second level supervisor's signatures are required.
  • Forms with missing signatures will be returned.
  • A signed, original copy of the 2013 Summation Form should be returned to HR by the due date. No electronic copies please.
  • Remember to make a copy of the completed 2013 Summation Form (with all signatures) for the employee before submitting the form to HR.

Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement

As part of the Annual Performance Evaluation Discussions, each supervisor must review the Code of Conduct and a Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement with employees. Each employee must then complete the Disclosure Statement and return it to HR along with the completed 2013 Summation Form. The Code of Conduct and Disclosure Statement form may be found at or on the performance management website. For specific questions regarding the Code of Conduct or the Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement, please contact University Compliance Services at extension 8156 or visit their web page at www.uvu.edu/compliance.

Code of Conduct (pdf)

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement (pdf)


Creating a Performance Plan--Instructions for Employees (pdf)

Reviewing a Performance Plan--Instructions for Supervisors (pdf)

Creating Goals Tip Sheet (pdf)

2014 Annual Performance Evaluation Information Sheet (pdf)

Summation Form

Summation Form (NCAA Compliance)

2014 Frequently Asked Questions of Performance Evaluations (pdf)

2014 Performance Management Overview Document (pdf)

Supervisor: Preparing for an Evaluation Discussion (pdf)

Employee: Preparing for an Evaluation Discussion (pdf)


Policy #331 - Performance Evaluation for Staff Employees

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Questions regarding performance evaluations may be directed to the Human Resources Department at extension 8207.