UVU Human Resources Staff
For more information concerning UVU human resources services, please contact the appropriate Human Resources Office listed below:

Human Resources:

Mark Wiesenberg
Associate Vice President of Human Resources/Equity Officer
Phone: 801-863-6076
E-Mail: MWiesenberg@uvu.edu

Anne Roquemore
Administrative Support IV
Phone: 801-863-6797
E-mail: AnneR@uvu.edu

HR Front Desk:

Skyler Mann
Administrative Support II
Phone: 801-863-8207
E-Mail: Skyler.Mann@uvu.edu

Marisa Johnson
Administrative Support II
Phone: 801-863-8207
E-Mail: Marisa.Johnson@uvu.edu


Judy Martindale
Director - Compensation/Benefits
Phone: 801-863-8932
E-Mail: Judy.Martindale@uvu.edu

Dayna Crouch
Manager - Compensation
Phone: 801-863-6089
E-mail: Dayna.Crouch@uvu.edu

Heather Goodale
Analyst - Compensation
Phone: 801-863-8566
E-Mail: HGoodale@uvu.edu 

Samantha Morgan-Start
Manager - Benefits
Phone: 801-863-8704
E-Mail: Samantha.Start@uvu.edu

Denise Cordero
HR Generalist - Benefits
Phone: 801-863-8241
E-Mail: DCordero@uvu.edu

Cameron Evans
Coordinator - Employee Wellness
Phone: 801-863-8389
E-Mail: Cameron.Evans@uvu.edu

Jan Parker
Administrative Support
Phone: 801-863-6595

E-Mail: JParker@uvu.edu

Julene Helean
Administrative Support
Phone: 801-863-6012
E-Mail: JHelean@uvu.edu

Employment Services:

Kurt Ashworth
Director - Employment Services
Phone: 801-863-5360
E-Mail: KAshworth@uvu.edu

Laura Carlson
Manager - Employee Relations
Phone: 801-863-8915
E-Mail: LCarlson@uvu.edu

Daniel Delgadillo
Manager - Employee Learning & Development
Phone: 801-863-6745
E-Mail: Daniel.Delgadillo@uvu.edu

Irene Whittier
ADA Coordinator - Employee Accommodations
Phone: 801-863-5300
E-Mail: IWhittier@uvu.edu

Catherine Krug 
HR Representative - Employment Services
Phone: 801-863-8257 
E-Mail: Catherine.Krug@uvu.edu

Christie Snyder
Manager - Employment 
Phone: 801-863-6303
E-mail: Christie.Snyder@uvu.edu

Tina Green
HR Generalist - Employment
Phone: 801-863-8760
E-Mail: CGreen@uvu.edu

Terri Fredrickson
HR Generalist - Employment
Phone: 801-863-8740
E-Mail: TerriF@uvu.edu

HRIS and Records:

Colby Callahan
Director - HRIS & Records
Phone: 801-863-8401
E-Mail: callahcl@uvu.edu

Cassidy Shaia
File Room Lead
Phone: 801-863-8007
E-Mail: cshaia@uvu.edu

File Room Specialist
Phone: 801-863-8007

Jill Crawley
HR Representative
Phone: 801-863-8402
E-mail: crawleji@uvu.edu

Wendy Fenton
Human Resources Assistant
Phone: 801-863-6250
E-Mail: WFenton@uvu.edu