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  • Innovate
  • Sustain


The Department of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning facilitates a climate of improvement, innovation, and sustainability through ongoing, integrated, institution-wide planning and evaluation processes that supports Utah Valley University's mission fulfillment.


UVU's Department of Institutional Effectiveness is considered expert in the field of planning, evaluation and innovative strategy; is highly sought after for training and consulting services; serves as a model for planning and data driven decision-making for the UVU community and beyond; and is an integral and trusted team member on collaborative planning and evaluation projects.


The Department of Institutional Effectiveness and Planning (IE&P) facilitates continuous improvement at the institution by providing tools for planning, methods for documenting outcomes, and a system for recording progress on short- and long-term goals designed to improve the institution. We provide workshops to faculty and staff to increase knowledge and awareness of planning and assessment practices; work with academic department chairs and operational directors to develop and refine outcome assessment plans; and maintain a warehouse of current and completed department plans, program reviews, and assessment-related documents. As a part of the division of Planning and Budget, IE&P leads, coordinates, and supports selected initiatives and projects related to examining, improving, and reporting on effectiveness campus-wide in key areas of Utah Valley University's mission and strategic priorities.