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Campus Labs is a company that creates various software products for higher education assessment. We have purchased and use their software they call Compliance Assist. This software is a "fully integrated and comprehensive online solution for managing institutional research, planning, and accreditation needs" (Campus Labs). As a University we have renamed Compliance Assist to Insight reflecting the real reason we are using the software, to get insight into why we do things, how we do things, and improvements we've made through self-reflection. 

The Insight software program assists strategic planning efforts by tracking outcomes and objectives of programs, departments, and units and linking them to institutional objectives and goals. Insight will allow departments, units, and colleges to learn best practices from each other, and to use assessment data to enhance the efficiency of our university for students, employees, and the community.

Insight is a tool that supports UVU's Administrative Imperative to Operate Effectively. Information can be efficiently organized, edited, and stored to better accomplish the following:

  • Fully integrate program reviews and outcomes assessment in the planning, budgeting, and accountability process.
  • Ensure programs have outcomes and that assessments of those outcomes lead to improvements or innovations.
  • Collaborate across the university in supporting the core theme objectives and administrative imperatives towards mission fulfillment.

Insight includes three modules: department profile, planning, and accreditation.

Department Profile

This module supports the ongoing self-study of individual departments.

  • Information in the profile is useful for annual reflection on all aspects of a department's operation.
  • Some information will be pre-populated and updated automatically.
  • The information in the profile is designed to serve multiple purposes reducing duplication of effort and integrate with accreditation.

Insight Department Profile Module Snapshot

Planning Module

This module provides a centralized and integrated location for recording, assessing, and documenting goals, objectives, and outcomes.

  • Unit and program level strategic planning and assessment reports can be linked to University core theme objectives, essential learning outcomes, etc.
  • The means of assessment and the analysis and use of results can be clearly identified and documented.
  • Action goals can be linked to objectives and outcomes.
  • Rubrics are included to provide feedback on the quality of the plans.
  • Unit assessment and planning information is archived by fiscal year.

Insight Planning Module Page Snapshot


This module provides a convenient and efficient way to document responses and supporting materials for the NWCCU accreditation standards (as well as other specialized accrediting agencies).

  • Standards are pre-loaded.
  • Responses to the standards are entered in easy-to-use text boxes.
  • Supporting documentation can be easily attached; links to pertinent UVU websites can be inserted.
  • Due dates can be assigned and progress can be tracked.
  • Reports and documentation can be viewed anytime, anywhere.
  • User-specific access allows information to be readily accessed by leaders and evaluators.

Insight Accreditation Module Snapshot

Training Materials

 *The Insight software has been customized by UVU; therefore, there may be discrepancies between our documents and the company's documents. If you have any questions call ex:8259 or email

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