Utah International Higher Education Summit

The annual Utah International Higher Education Summit takes place during the first or second week of November. The Summit has been hosted by Utah Valley University in 2010,  The University of Utah in 2011, Salt Lake Community College in 2012, and Utah State University in 2013.

Summit 2013
Mt. Olympus, Utah

Statement of Activities

Acknowledge and celebrate international collaborations that Utah colleges and universities are engaged in, such as institutional collaborations as well as global business collaborations. Create opportunities for exploring and developing new international collaborations. Provide experience in leading and advancing international efforts via a philosophy of international dialogue, allowing participants to gain a greater understanding of international education opportunities.

Utah higher education leaders, legislators, K-12 leaders, Board of Regents members and community business partners are invited to attend. Participants will have the opportunity to network, learn, and browse poster displays. The poster presentations provide opportunities to faculty, staff and students from the various higher education institutions to showcase the many ways each is involved in international education.

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