International & Multicultural Studies is part of the Center for Global & Intercultural Engagement .

International & Multicultural Studies supports and assists faculty, students, and staff to develop and maintain strong international and multicultural relationships; supports globally focused programs of study, service, and research; and creates international strategic partnerships with key institutions around the world.

Global Engagement

  • The Global Spotlight program provides an international and multicultural focus on a specific country or region. These experiences are shared university-wide with co-curricular and community outreach programming.
  • The New York Times Global Review is a weekly gathering of lively and critical discussion about current events covered in The New York Times.
  • Utah International Higher Education Summit

Global/Intercultural Requirement (G/I)

  • Connects faculty and students with G/I requirement resources and opportunities by providing training and assessment services for the G/I program and leadership for all G/I university initiatives.
  • G/I Faculty Institute

International Study Programs (ISP)

  • ISP maintains a support, guidance, and preparation infrastructure for faculty, staff, and students who desire international education experiences, including internships and exchanges. ISP helps create and coordinate academically rigorous, faculty-led study abroad programs.
  • While working with donors and others, ISP communicates needs to secure funds and financial aid. ISP then provides a process for awarding and disseminating funds and helps students apply for available scholarships.
  • Annual Advisor Essay Contest
  • Annual International Photo Contest
  • Travel Safety/Security and Insurance