International Exchanges

Utah Valley University has signed bilateral exchange agreements with foreign universities. UVU students can participate in an Exchange Program while paying UVU resident tuition and fees, even if the student is considered non-resident. The programs are ideal for students who are independent and who seek a cultural immersion experience.

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Department Information

General Guidelines

International Study Programs encourages faculty to establish links with their colleagues and associations abroad. These links increase international diversity and opportunity for our students. For members of the university community wishing to formalize exchange opportunities, the following steps and criteria should apply:

  • The exchange program must benefit the academic mission of Utah Valley University. A brief statement explaining that benefit (for curriculum, research, internship opportunities, etc.) must be submitted with the exchange proposal.
  • Faculty members submitting proposals must be able to demonstrate ongoing support for the exchange, i.e., a willingness to oversee the program for a certain number of years; a departmental commitment to the program; approval from the college's dean, etc.
  • Faculty must be aware of the financial commitment of exchange programs. Reciprocity is essential. If an exchange is envisaged that cannot work reciprocally, a funding formula must be part of the exchange proposal.
  • All exchanges will be reviewed by International Study Programs periodically.
    1. Inactive exchanges will be eliminated unless justification for continuation is provided by the sponsoring department.
    2. The exchange will be examined to determine that it continues to serve the academic mission of the university.

How to Establish an International Exchange Program

The International Center is the facilitator of all International Study Programs.

  • Meet with the International Study Programs Director in the International Center to begin the process and receive information.
  • Complete and return these documents to the International Center:
    1. Exchange Program Proposal Coversheet
    2. Memorandum of Understanding (General contract between UVU & partnering Institution) Sample MOU
    3. Academic Exchange Addendum (Detailed contract regarding the Exchange Program) Sample Exchange Addendum
  • You will be notified whether or not your program has been approved or needs revision.
  • Once approved, communicate to your college and appropriate department(s) regarding
    the opportunities for students.
  • Advertise to students and direct them to International Study Programs for application materials.

Process for a UVU Student to become an International Exchange Student

Once the sponsoring UVU Department has selected the student for the exchange program, the following steps must be taken. The UVU sponsoring Department is responsible to ensure that the student's needs are met.

  • Student will submit Completed Application to sponsoring UVU Department. UVU Department will submit all required documents to International Study Programs.
  • Student will apply for the correct Visa to travel to host country. Visit the US State Department for information about the nearest host country embassy and visa information. If assistance is needed go to the International Study Programs.
  • Student will meet with Academic Advisor to determine the academic classes/courses to be taken at foreign institution.
  • Student will make all travel arrangements. If assistance is needed go to the department or International Study Programs.
  • If student is financial aid eligible go to BA-105 to make an appointment with a Financial Aid Counselor. Deadline is November 1st for Spring Semester. Full time courses to be taken must be approved before considering financial aid.
  • Student must go to International Study Programs for International Health Insurance at least two weeks before departure.

Process for a Foreign Student to become an International Exchange Student at UVU

Foreign partnering institutions will nominate a student to come to UVU. Upon approval by the sponsoring department at UVU, International Study Programs requires the following documents to help the foreign student arrive to UVU.


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