Non-UVU Study Abroad

Non-UVU programs are available to those that would like a international study experience that is unavailable through UVU at this time.

photo by Chelsie Clarke

Transfer Credit Information

If you plan on receiving UVU credit for a non-UVU program, please speak with an academic advisor in your department (or the department that would issue the credits). You will also want to check with the third-party provider and UVU Transfer Services regarding transfer of credits from the institution abroad. You may have to go through a third-party foreign transcript evaluator: EVALUATOR.

If you are receiving UVU credit or using UVU funding for an international experience, you should meet with UVU International Study Programs to secure international health insurance.

Occasionally, a third-party provider will need approval from UVU's International Study Programs office in order to accept your participation in the program. Please visit with us to discuss and sign off on the international opportunity.

Please contact Grant Skabelund or Marianna Henry for more information.