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Build a Globally Competitive Resume by Going Global

Students with international exposure come to understand the value of dialogue between people from different cultures and between people with different points of view. They also gain an understanding of the importance of relationships. Relationships are the foundation for meaning and success in life. They are also the foundation for strong businesses, especially businesses that care about creating mutual benefit.

—Douglass H. Daft | CEO, The Coca Cola Company


Study Abroad Student Ambassadors

UVU’s Study Abroad Student Ambassadors are returned study abroad participants. They are UVU students just like you and are available to help you work through questions or concerns you may have regarding the study abroad experience. Please feel free to contact the ambassadors through email before you apply and while you’re preparing to travel. Having just returned from studying abroad, they can chat with you on what to prepare for and what to expect.

Jeff Barbosa: Middle East 2014 - Peace and Justice Studies

Adrienne Bone

My name is Jeff, I’m a junior working on a B.A. in Political Science with a minor in Peace and Justice Studies. I’m associated with the Center for the Advancement of Leadership and volunteer with the Peace and Justice Studies Program helping with print media. After graduation I plan on working with NGO’s in conflict resolution and international humanitarian law. I served in the Army as a Combat Medic for five years and have served two tours totaling 27 months in theater. I volunteer as a Court Appointed Special Advocate for children in the foster care system and in my spare time I enjoy rock climbing and obstacle courses. I enjoy traveling and experiencing different perspectives, I have spent significant time in Brazil, South Africa, Israel, Jordan, and as a matter of obligation, Iraq.

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Molly Castle: Peru 2014 - Spanish Language

Chelsie Clarke

I am currently working towards my Bachelors degree in Health Education - with a Minor in Spanish. I am a girl of impulsive decisions, which is how I ended up going to Peru in May 2014! It was the best decision that I made. I have had distant goals to travel but they became more real and feasible when I returned home from Peru. The world is never such a big place when you go somewhere else.

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Fritz Culp: Peru 2014 - Spanish Language

Jason Fullmer

Currently Fritz is a senior at UVU finishing up a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and beginning to prepare for graduate school. To make his goals a reality he works in the Language Lab as a Spanish tutor during the school year and during the summer as an equipment operator in construction. Aside from traveling the world and visiting new places through UVU's Study Abroad programs, he likes spending down time with family, friends, and good food. Meeting new people, trying new foods, and living life in a way never lived before is a must. He spent this last summer with friends from UVU and made new friends in Trujillo, Perú while studying Spanish. Exploring one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu, highlighted the experience.

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Adrienne Enke: Cuba 2013 - Peace and Justice Studies

Jena Giddings
Adrienne moved to Utah from Oregon in 2008. She received her Associate’s degree from LDS Business College in General Education in 2012. Adrienne is a senior at UVU and will be graduating in April 2015 with a BS in Behavioral Sciences with an emphasis in Psychology. In July 2013 she went with a small group on the study abroad program to Havana, Cuba. While in Cuba, she was able to connect with her mother's cousins and was able to visit places her grandparents had lived before they came to the U.S. She says it was her best college experience and she would do it again if she could! The best part of the trip was the ability to make lasting relationships with not only the people that were in the Study Abroad group, but also the native Cubans. Adrienne met Robert on Tinder while doing a research project for one of her classes on online dating. They got married in April 2014. Adrienne loves animals and adopted a blue heeler named Boston in 2013. When she has free time, she loves spending it with her family, especially her adorable niece and nephews.

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Drew Harding: London 2014 - Literature and Honors

Lauren Harding

Drew is a senior at Utah Valley University. He is nearly finished with a Bachelor's degree in English Literary Studies or something like that. He really liked studying abroad in London, 'cause it gave him the opportunity to think real hard in another country while having lots of fun! Drew thinks about all sorts of things ALL THE TIME! Instead of doing his homework, Drew likes to think about things like, but not limited to: doing homework, video games, comic books, word books, motion pictures, static pictures, angry music, and happy music!

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Chelsie Kalian: Italy 2014 - Art History

Missy Jensen
Chelsie is a senior at UVU -- a business major with an emphasis in accounting. She has a passion for food and the art of pastry, and plans to use her degree to open her own artisan bakery. When she is not at work or school, she is often found experimenting in the kitchen... covered in flour. Otherwise, she's a sucker for dancing, hiking, and a perfectly toasted s'more. She truly believes that the study abroad program is an opportunity every student should take advantage of, regardless of his or her major; her time spent abroad was the best experience of her life and she is confident you will feel the same!

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Branson Maxwell: Middle East 2014 - Peace and Justice Studies

Katherine Kruger
I am a sophomore at UVU studying Emergency Services. I went on the thrilling Middle East study abroad program studying peace and justice during an intense time there. I can honestly say it was life changing and I want to help others study abroad and have similar experiences. My hobbies include photography, videography, painting, and of course, traveling. I try to travel to a new country every month and I know a lot about the countries where UVU Study Abroad hosts its programs. If there is anyone who knows random tips about traveling, how to travel cheap, and how to find flights, it's me. Email me if you have any questions regarding any of the Study Abroad programs. Go Wolverines!

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Morgan McCaleb: Cuba 2012 - Peace and Justice Studies

Tayler Tripp
Hi, I'm Morgan! I am currently a junior at UVU, studying Community Health. I love to learn, read, longboard, and play outside. I went on a study abroad trip to Cuba, and it completely opened my eyes to reality and the circumstances of others! It was adventure that changed my life. Traveling has really shaped who I am, and it's something I'm very passionate about. I enjoy seeing new things and making new friends!

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Dallin Orr: Italy 2014 - Art History

Brandon Webb
Dallin Orr is a junior at UVU in the Illustration BFA program. He is working for an art history minor and has taken the opportunity to travel to Italy with the art history program. He is nearly always drawing, painting, or talking about art. He is working to get hired by an illustration studio after graduation. When he is not drawing, he loves making music, reading books, and watching movies. Dallin is often spotted performing music around town with friends. He enjoys meeting new people and experiencing new things. He also loves to spend time with his friends and family, and he hopes to continue his world travels with the people that matter to him most.

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Nancy Ortega: France 2014 - French Language

Shyanne Williams
Nancy is originally from Los Angeles but calls Utah her home. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Communication with a minor in Criminal Justice. When she is not working or obsessing over Bruno Mars, she is helping new incoming students as a UV Mentor. Nancy studied abroad in France and fell in love with the culture, people, and the new adventures that were in every corner. She came back with a new perspective on life and a new appreciation for home. A couple years back she would have only dreamt of traveling, and now that she fulfilled one of her dreams, she is yearning to go back and discover the rest of the world. Nancy encourages anyone and everyone to just take a leap of faith and do it because the rewards are even greater than the risk.

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Vicky Paspuel: China 2014 - Chinese Language

Adrienne Bone
I'm from Quito, Ecuador. I moved here two years ago. I'm a sophomore at UVU, currently pursuing a degree in International Business and a minor in Chinese. I have a great passion for languages, new cultures and traveling. I'm so happy that I had the huge opportunity to go on the China Study Abroad Program this summer. It definitely was one of the best experiences of my life. I'm a girl who likes to be busy most of the time; I love being involved with the community. If I’m not working, I enjoy hanging out, rock climbing, playing volleyball, watching movies, dancing Latin music, and after my trip to China, cooking eventually became one of my hobbies. I want to continue traveling the world to see all the beautiful sights it has to offer. But first, I truly want to go back to China because I loved it and I feel I didn’t have enough yet. I want to help each of you to make the study abroad dream a reality. I would love to answer your questions or concerns. Don’t hesitate to go on a study abroad! I don’t regret it and I promise you won't regret it!

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Bradley Stratton: Brazil 2014 - Portuguese Language

Adrienne Bone
Bradley is from Puyallup, WA and is a junior here at UVU, majoring in Emergency Services Administration and has a special interest with language. But, he is just like everyone else! He enjoys hanging out with friends, listening to music, experiencing new cultures and above all else: continuing to learn. In summer of 2014, UVU offered a life changing opportunity to fully immerse and travel to the diverse culture of Brazil. Brad was one of those students that was chosen to go. From that experience he gained applicable world experience and skills that will positively facilitate all of his future endeavors.

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Brooke Swallow: Northern Ireland 2013 - Peace and Justice Studies

Adrienne Bone
Brooke is a senior in the Behavioral Sciences, Sociology emphasis with a minor in Peace and Justice Studies. She is a non-traditional student with four children and a very supportive husband. Her husband Devin spent his vacation time watching the children, so she could go to Northern Ireland. Brooke is passionate about interfaith dialogue and serves as a student representative on the UVU Interfaith Council. Brooke hopes to inspire non-traditional students as well as any student in the Peace and Justice Studies Program to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity. Please feel welcome to ask her any questions about her experience in Northern Ireland.

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Lee Winkleman: France 2014 - French Language

Adrienne Bone
Lee is a sophomore at Utah Valley University currently aspiring towards a degree in Behavioral Science and minoring in French Language. He has an avid taste and adventure for travel desiring to explore and discover the world. His first study abroad experience in France of summer 2014 will certainly not be his last and has become the gateway to the rest of what the world has to offer. His interests include reading, watching movies, and running. Study Abroad will most definitely give him the experiences he needs in order to achieve all that life has to offer.

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Koltyr Wright: China 2014 - Chinese Language

Adrienne Bone
Koltyr is in his second year of pursuing a degree in International Business, with an emphasis in Mandarin Chinese. Although business is his major, music is his passion. Koltyr teaches marching band at Riverton High School. He played with the Utah Valley University Wind Ensemble as a percussionist, and is currently a member of UVU’s premier a cappella group, VoiceLine. He loved his time as a cast member at the Disneyland Resort as part of the Disney College Program.  When he’s not participating in school-sponsored programs, he enjoys eating, going on dates, getting outdoors, eating, and dancing.

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John Yelland: Germany 2014 - German Language

Adrienne Bone
John is currently working on a bachelor’s degree in Digital Media (emphasis in TV/cinema production), as well as a minor in German. John participated in study abroad, traveling to Berlin, Germany in May 2014. John has been singing since 2008, and is the singer of two metal bands, Disforia and Judicator. He enjoys writing, reading, philosophy, and the sciences. John enthusiastically looks forward to many more German experiences.

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