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Build a Globally Competitive Resume by Going Global

Students with international exposure come to understand the value of dialogue between people from different cultures and between people with different points of view. They also gain an understanding of the importance of relationships. Relationships are the foundation for meaning and success in life. They are also the foundation for strong businesses, especially businesses that care about creating mutual benefit.

—Douglass H. Daft | CEO, The Coca Cola Company


Study Abroad Student Ambassadors

UVU’s Study Abroad Student Ambassadors are returned study abroad participants. They are UVU students just like you and are available to help you work through questions or concerns you may have regarding the study abroad experience. Please feel free to contact the ambassadors through email before you apply and while you’re preparing to travel. Having just returned from studying abroad, they can chat with you on what to prepare for and what to expect.

Stephen Allen: London 2013

Stephen Allen

I earned my AS at Salt Lake Community College and I am working towards my BS in English Creative Writing at Utah Valley University. After I graduate, I would like to be a fiction writer or an editor. I am currently working as a tutor at the UVU Writing Center, and I really enjoy being able to use what I’ve learned to help others. Apart from writing and editing, I enjoy reading, singing, drawing, and watching movies. I am very excited to be a part of the 2013-14 Study Abroad Student Ambassadors. I spent six weeks on the Literature and Honors Study Abroad Program. We spent the majority of our time in London, but we also visited Dublin, Ireland; Edinburgh, Scotland; Rome, Italy; and several other cities throughout England including Stratford and Salisbury.

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Chelsie Clarke: Italy 2012, Europe 2013

Chelsie Clarke

Chelsie is in her senior year at UVU - graduating with a degree in Art and Visual Communications and a minor in Art History come April. When she's not in the Study Abroad office, she's out shooting weddings, portraits, concerts and events in both Utah and California or on one of UVU's Study Abroad programs taking photographs throughout Europe. Aside from work and school, her interests include the consumption of European cheeses, building and riding bikes and an occasional frolic through Disneyland.

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Jason Fullmer: France 2013

Jason Fullmer

Jason is a junior at UVU, currently pursuing a degree in the Humanities, which recently allowed him to study art in France and Italy by going on the French Study Abroad program. As a prolific performer, he works with Zion Theatre Company, performs with UVU Theatre, plays guitar for the Salt Lake Pops Orchestra, and bounces between music and acting with the Grassroots Shakespeare Company. When not performing on stage, he can generally be found reading, cooking, enjoying classic films, frequenting local open mic nights, and doing poorly at math.

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Jena Giddings: London 2012, London 2013

Jena Giddings

Jena graduated from UVU with a Bachelor Degree in English: Literature Studies. She is currently pursing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance with an emphasis in Modern. She has spent her whole life traveling with her family to countries such as the Philippines, Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, and Korea. She has always loved traveling and learning about new cultures. Along with traveling around the US and internationally, she enjoys reading, writing, dancing, crafting, photography, and baking. She enjoyed spending her time learning in England, Scotland, Ireland, and Italy when a participant in UVU's London: Literature and Theatre study abroad in the summer of 2012 and as the program assistant for UVU's London: Literature and Honors study abroad in the summer of 2013.

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Lauren Harding: Italy 2011, France 2013

Lauren Harding

Lauren is embarking upon her senior year at UVU, working on completing her BA in Integrated Studies, and focusing on Art History and Classical Studies. She has had the awesome opportunities to study abroad with UVU's Italy and France programs, studying respectively the art and language of these two fantastic cultures. When she is not reading about some given Italian Renaissance artist, Lauren enjoys playing Assassin's Creed, or listening and singing along poorly to Ella Fitzgerald.

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Missy Jensen: London 2013

Missy Jensen

Missy is currently a sophomore at UVU and will graduate with a degree in University Studies in April.  Missy is an active member of the Honors Program at UVU and also serves on the Honor Student Advisory Council.  When she's not busy with school or work, she enjoys reading classic novels, writing, and going on various adventures with her crazy family and friends.  She wants to continue traveling the world and hopes to one day see all the sights pinned on her "Oh the Places You'll Go" board on Pinterest.

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Katherine Kruger: Germany 2013

Katherine Kruger

Katherine is a Cache Valley native, coming to UVU from Utah State University in Logan Utah, where she grew up. She is currently working on a bachelor degree in vocal performance. Katherine participated in study abroad, traveling to Germany in 2013.  Katherine loves singing, more than anything. Katherine is recently married and lives happily with her husband in Provo. Katherine is currently working as a receptionist and voice teacher for Best in Music Education Center in Orem. She has loved her experience with study abroad, and is looking forward to helping others have the same wonderful experience.

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Tayler Tripp: London 2013

Tayler Tripp

Tayler is a junior in the Theatre Design program here at UVU. During the summer of 2013 she got the chance to study abroad in London with her best friend, Brandon, and her boyfriend, Stephen, who proposed on the last week of the trip. Along with traveling, Tayler enjoys all things entertaining and adventurous. Most of her interests include: hiking and camping, event and party planning, designing and creating, and both going to and performing in rock concerts. She can't wait to help other students begin their incredible study abroad adventures!

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Brandon Webb: London 2013

Brandon Webb

I'm a sophomore at Utah Valley University. I have a great passion for music, and, hopefully, someday I can make a living off of it, which is why it's my major. I also have a huge passion for studying internationally, which was discovered when I was lucky enough to participate in a London/Rome study abroad experience for six weeks. I'm so excited that I was given the huge opportunity to help the International Study Programs office by being a Student Ambassador for studying abroad! It's my goal that whenever someone needs help with the whole process of studying abroad they can come to me and have their questions answered. So if you're on the fence about going to school in a different country, go study abroad! You won't regret it.

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Shyanne Williams: France 2013

Shyanne Williams

Hey there! I'm from West Jordan, UT. I love laughing (I'd like to think I'm funny) and hanging out with my buddies. I speak French and I might want to teach it one day, but who knows? I'm a busy bee, and I love being involved with the community. I'm engaged to a cutie named David; I have the absolute best engagement story, ask me about it! Also, I love UVU. Go Wolverines!

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