Middle East Study Abroad

Program details: Experience the history, culture, and politics of the Middle East for three exciting weeks. Study at the University of Jordan in Amman; Birzeit University in Ramallah, West Bank; and Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Focus primarily on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as well as social issues in Amman, Ramallah, and Jerusalem. Experience the ancient ruins in Petra, Jordan, and the rich history of the West Bank and Jerusalem. Interact with students and faculty as well as Islamic and Jewish religious leaders.

Tentative dates: May 5 – June 27, 2014; tentative travel dates: May 10 – June 1, 2014.

Program sites: Amman, Bakka Palestinian Refugee Camp and Petra, Jordan; Ramallah, West Bank; Jeruselam; Tel Aviv.

Anticipated curriculum: Nursing in Global Perspective (NURS 441G), Nursing for Peace and Justice (NURS 490R), Independent Study in Nursing (NURS 495R), Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies (PJST 3000), Issues in Peace and Justice Studies (PJST 475R), Peace and Justice Studies Capstone (PJST 4900), Philosophy Independent Study (PHIL 490R), Advanced Topics in Philosophy (PHIL 492R), International Organization (POLS 3610), Political Science Independent Study (POLS 490R), Intercultural Relations (SOC 3620), Social Change (SOC 4400), Current Topics in Sociology (SOC 475R), and Sociology Independent Study (SOC 490R). All majors are welcome to apply.

Estimated program fee: $2,695. Apply by Friday, December 20, 2013 January 31, 2014.

Program fee covers: Lodging, some meals, in-country transportation, entry fees, international health insurance.

Program fee DOES NOT cover: UVU tuition (approx. $160 per credit hour), airfare, passport, discretionary spending.

Directors: Lars Eggertsen, associate professor of social work, 801.863.6731, larse@uvu.edu; John Macfarlane, advisor and adjunct instructor of political science, 801.863.6716, macfarjo@uvu.edu.

Application deadline: Friday, January 31, 2014. Submit online application , two online letters of reference , $195 non-refundable application fee, and $300 program deposit. If you miss the deadline, you are still welcome to apply until the program is full, but please note that the program fee will be higher and space may be limited. Application materials are available at uvu.edu/international/isp/forms.

Tuition Waivers: UVU Employee & Employee Dependent Tuition Waivers may be applied for up to six credits of ISP tuition.

Financial aid: Pell grants and Federal Insured Student Loans may be applied to this program, based on eligibility. 
Applicants must have a current FAFSA form on file at the Financial Aid Office (BA105) and complete all necessary application forms for financial aid.

Scholarships: ISP will provide need-based scholarships to qualified participants.