International & Multicultural Staff

International & Multicultural Studies supports and assists faculty, students, and staff to develop and maintain strong international and multicultural relationships; support globally-focused programs of study, service, and research; and create international strategic partnerships with key institutions around the world.

Baldomero Lago: International & Multicultural Studies Director

Baldomero Lago

As the Sr. Director Dr. Lago oversees multicultural studies and global spotlight activities at Utah Valley University. Dr. Lago has dedicated his professional career as a professor of language pedagogy and has presented his teaching philosophy and research in Europe, the Americas and Asia. A native of Spain, Dr. Lago received his undergraduate and post graduate degrees in the US and returned to his home country to complete his doctoral degree in instructional technology. He is the chief editor of the Journal of Learning Styles, a member of the Board of Trustees at the Extremadura Business School in Spain and participates actively in many scientific committees of international organizations. Dr. Lago serves as the Honorary Consul of Spain since 1999 and is past-president of the Utah Consular Corps. He enjoys travelling and spending time with his family.

Bryan R. Waite: Global & Multicultural Engagement Program Director

Bryan R. Waite

I have been teaching in the Education department at UVU since 2007 and love it. My family and I come to Utah by way of Texas and Colorado and are very excited to be raising our family here. Katrina and I have 3 children, Mckinley, Lily, and Sophia. We lived in Boulder CO for six years where I completed a PhD in Education in 2006 as well as my Master's degree. One of my many passions is being in the classroom with future and current teachers. My specialty is Multicultural Education and ESL/Bilingual Education. I love language and culture and always enjoy the rich discussions my students and I have in our classes together.

I am currently an Associate Professor of Education as well as the Program Director for Global and Multicultural Engagement in the Center for Global and Intercultural Engagement at UVU. With the distinct priviledge of working with faculty and staff in issues of cultural diversity and inclusive pedagogy.

When I'm not in the classroom or on campus I love being with my family. We love the outdoors - camping, mt. biking, hiking, etc. I used to do a lot more of that before the kids came along, but I wouldn't trade them for anything. I can't wait until Mckinley is old enough that he and I can hit the trails and go backpacking, etc.

Alit Makic: International & Multicultural Studies Administrative Assistant

Alit Makic

Cosmopolitan might be the best word to describe Alit Makic. He was raised in the former Republic of Yugoslavia, currently known as Serbia. Alit has always been a thrill seeker. After his boyhood he broadened his horizons while living in Belgium and France. He is fluent in more than five languages and enjoys the cultures therein. He has a Bachelor's degree in Business Management with an emphasis in Marketing from Brigham Young University-Idaho.

At Utah Valley University he performs a variety of duties. He assists the Sr. Director of the International and Multicultural Studies department, prepares and monitors the departmental financial transaction budgets and supplies, and follows several projects through successful completion. He is involved in graphic design creation, web management, marketing, advertising, publicity and campaign management for Global Spotlight Program and The New York Times Global Review to promote event awareness around the campus and local communities. Alit loves working with people and would love to one day become a successful professional and mentor. He is thrilled to commence his graduate program studies here at UVU.

Grant Paul Skabelund: International Study Programs Director (ISP)

Grant Skabelund

Grant considers Central Idaho his place of refuge and enjoys biking, gardening, hiking, reading, and spending time with Shari, Analyn, Andrew, Natalya, Joshua, and a few close friends. He also finds satisfaction in assisting faculty and students create memorable international study experiences. Grant dreams of stewarding a few acres in a self-sufficient, sustainable manner, while providing a bit extra to share with friends and neighbors, as well as those who may get their only connection to land through that sharing process.

Marianna Henry: International Study Programs Coordinator (ISP)

Marianna Henry

Marianna is a first-generation American; her family hails from Poland. She graduated from UVU with a bachelor's degree in Communication. Marianna participated in a student exchange to Australia in 2004. She enjoys singing, planning events, eating international foods, and traveling in the U.S. and abroad. She's married to Tom, an assistant professor at UVU. Marianna thoroughly enjoys working with the staff, the students, and everything international. She is thrilled to help students achieve their own unforgettable international experience.

Ana M. Fisher: International Study Programs Financial Officer (ISP)

Ana M. Fisher

Hi, my name is Ana Fisher. I was born and raised in Guayaquil, Ecuador. I attended and graduated high school in Guayaquil and completed three years at the FACSO Faculty where I studied Journalism. When I was twenty- two years old I married my husband, Shane Fisher, and six month later I moved to the United States and Orem, Utah. When I arrived in Orem, I froze all my school projects because I had started a new life which required all my dedication. I needed to adapt myself to my new life. A big part of the new challenge was to learn and understand this language and culture, as well as become accustomed to the weather—especially the snow! All this transition was a dramatic experience for me but it wasn’t the only change I experienced—my family started to grow. My first child came and then I decided to dedicate my life to the role of mother; however I never lost the desire to pursue my education.

After my fourth child, I returned to school and enrolled at Utah Valley University. I decided to begin by taking ESL courses. After graduating from that program, I decided to pursue a degree in Accounting. As a foreign student, I had to face many challenges along the way but it culminated in success. In December of 2011, I graduated from Utah Valley University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. I currently work for Utah Valley as a Financial Officer in the International Center—Study Abroad Department. I love UVU!

Chelsie Clarke: International Study Programs Assistant (ISP)

Chelsie Clarke

Chelsie is in her senior year at UVU - graduating with a degree in Art and Visual Communications and a minor in Art History come April. When she's not in the Study Abroad office, she's out shooting weddings, portraits, concerts and events in both Utah and California or on one of UVU's Study Abroad programs taking photographs throughout Europe. Aside from work and school, her interests include the consumption of European cheeses, building and riding bikes and an occasional frolic through Disneyland.

Madeline Fowers: International Study Programs Assistant (ISP)

Madeline Fowers

Madeline is a sophomore at UVU pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance with an emphasis in Ballet. In her early years, she and her family traveled far and wide, including a four-year period living in Japan. She credits her passion for traveling and love of different cultures to being exposed at a young age to several countries around the world. She loves traveling and seeing new places in the United States as well as internationally. When not at work she spends several hours a day dancing. Some of her hobbies are cooking, swimming, making crafts, and watching sports – particularly baseball.