Mission Statement

Internship Services is the central location for organizing, promoting and coordinating the internship process. Our mission is to support engaged learning and student success at Utah Valley University by developing exceptional internship opportunities, coordinating the internship process and offering comprehensive information. We provide reliable and extraordinary service to faculty, students and our community partners.

Our Staff

Marsha Haynes | Director of Internship Services | 801.863.6004 | haynesma@uvu.edu

Marsha HaynesInternships, Internships, Internships! That is my passion right now in my position as Director of Internship Services. I have been the director since 2007 and enjoy helping students find professional engagement opportunities that will enhance their careers by giving them actual experience in their major field of study.

Before becoming the Director of Internship Services I was involved in career counseling both on the high school and university level. I worked at Bingham High School in the career center and counseling office and later at UVU as a career counselor. I serve on the Board for the Women's Business Network for the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce, am a member of several national internship organizations as well as the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

I have a Bachelor's degree from BYU in General Studies with an emphasis in Business Management and a Master of Education degree from California State University East Bay. I teach on-line and face-to-face Career and Major Exploration courses as an adjunct professor here at UVU. In addition I am a certified professional interview coach and resume writer. It is a pleasure to work with UVU students as well as employers in the community.

-Marsha Haynes


Martin Overly | Manager | 801.863.6308 | martin.overly@uvu.edu 

Lindsey Lambson

Hello everyone! I am the Manager of Internship Services here at Utah Valley University.  In my position I get the opportunity to engage with students and employers in order to help individuals discover career paths through their internship experience.

Before arriving to Utah Valley University I was employed with a program through the National Institute of Justice focusing on providing continuing education to forensic professionals.   Following this experience I was a faculty member with the West Virginia University’s Forensic & Investigative Science department. At WVU I taught courses in forensic science and coordinated student internships.  During this experience I discovered that I had a passion and talent for helping students discover potential career options and help them develop their professional development skills. 

I have a Master’s Degree in Forensic Science from Southern Utah University.  My favorite hobbies include playing guitar and attending concerts and sporting events.  Go Wolverines!

-Martin Overly



Lindsey Lambson | Administrative Support | 801.863.6589 | Lindsey.lambson@uvu.edu

Lindsey Lambson I graduated with my Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from UVU and I have been working with Internships Services since 2011.  I completed an internship while attending school and was able to learn first hand how beneficial internships can be.   I loved attending school here and I am grateful that I can continue to learn and grow here by working in the Internship Services office.  Internships are a great way to gain experience so you can be prepared to enter the work force when you graduate with your degree.  Internships are a great way to get engaged and enhance your educational experience.  

We help students find their dream internship and we help employers find their dream intern. Come stop by our office and see the possibilities that can be discovered for you.

-Lindsey Lambson



Kaitlyn Nielson | Internship Recruiting Assistant | 801.863.5368 | kaitlyn.nielson@uvu.edu


As a senior majoring in communications, I have a passion for talking to people and forming relationships. My love for networking has helped me research and assist in developing internships with local employers as the Internship Recruiting Assistant.

During my freshman year of college, I was able to intern for Child Rescue and present to high school students. I also had the opportunity to be selected as their key note speaker at their inaugural conference summit. For my second internship, I planned Repertory Dance Theatre’s annual fundraising event, Charette.

I am passionate about engaged learning and know the importance of gaining field experience before graduating. Internships help your resume stand out, but most importantly, they give you skills you can’t obtain in class. Don’t leave UVU without doing an internship!

-Kaitlyn Nielson



Dale Nelson | Internship Recruiting Assistant | 801.863.5537 | dale.nelson@uvu.edu

Dale Nelson

As a kid, I dreamed of all the adventures I would go on. I never expected I would end up here at UVU and I have loved it! Being in a small town far from the large cities with no car and nothing to do, I spent most of my time growing up reading encyclopedias and tearing apart old computers that my neighbors were trying to get rid of and building new, different machines from the old ones. Also, with my dad as a history teacher and my grandpa as a biology teacher at my high school, I was looking for something new and stumbled upon a video from Apple on how the iPad was made. Combining my fascination for how things work, learning new things, and building things, I left southern Utah to come here to UVU in the Computer Engineering department which has been exciting being able to do what I did growing up but now learning how to get paid for it.

My high school was small enough and far enough away from things that I didn’t know what internships were. Since working at the Internship Services office at UVU, I’ve learned about awesome internship opportunities at Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, you name it, it is so exciting to see that I can do a hands-on internship with any of these companies which I’m excited to be able to do while I’m here at UVU. I can gain experience by learning how I learn best, hands-on, and take what I’ve learned in a classroom and the internship and do incredible things! I’m excited to do an internship and if you like doing what you’re learning about in books, you should be excited too!

-Dale Nelson


Candice Backus | Internship Recruiting Assistant | 801.863.7436 | dbackus@uvu.edu


At the age of 17 I did my first internship as a Legislative assistant at the Utah State Capitol. It was there that I fell in love with politics and knew that it was something I wanted to be a part of. The following year I went back as my representative’s personal assistant during the 2011 legislative session and that same year I went out to Washington, D.C. to intern for Senator Mike Lee. As a political science major living in Washington, D.C. I felt like a kid in a candy store living in the mecca of politics and American history. I knew that I wanted to come back to work in a congressional office and have since returned regularly to D.C for AIPAC and Utah Honor Flight as their PR director and flight leader.  

I learned more in my internships than I ever did in the classroom. The connections I made and the experience I had, have carried me throughout my college career and have been crucial in setting myself a part from other candidates as I begin to look for a job after I graduate. In the economy we’re living in and the competitive work force we’re joining, not doing an internship really isn’t an option. Just do it, you won’t regret it!

- D. Candice Backus



Andres Lazarte | Internship Recruiting Assistant | 801.863.7531 | hlazarte@uvu.edu


I did my first internship when I was 21 years old. I was brought on the Mitt Romney presidential campaign. After a few months of interning I was promoted and then promoted again to lead a team across the country in the media relations advance team. From there I had the opportunity to make connections and go on to study at Oxford University in England before returning to study here at UVU.

I never knew how much that one internship would change my life, before then I was a pre-med major. After the experience of traveling the country on a political campaign I was hooked, I changed my major to political science and plan on going to law school.  I am married and expecting our first child in June and I am at ease to know that I will have the opportunities to take care of my family in the future because I had a solid resume because of my internship that led to a full time position.  Every job I have had or been offered since then has been positively affected by that one decision to take a chance and find an internship.

-Andres Lazarte




Stephen Larsen | Creative Designer | 801.863.6031 | Stephen.larsen@uvu.edu 


I did my first internship when I was 19 while going to school at Arizona State University. I got to get real world experience as a creative designer for an advertising design firm. Though I left to go on a mission, I gained professional skills that I use in my personal life and for my college career. My internship helped me realize what I wanted to do in my life. That journey has brought me here to UVU to study game design and animation! My internship even helped me get this awesome job on campus!


For Internship Services, I am the creative designer. You can find my work around campus and on our website!








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