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Disney College Program
Character Auditions are October 4, 2016|10:00 am|Creative Arts Academy in Bountiful, UT|Applications for the Disney College Program are due on October 28, 2016|
78316 Disney College Program


State Legislature Internships (Spring 2017)
Tuesday, October 11th @ 12:00 pm|SC 206a|Pizza will be provided
Community Info Session



Sutherland Institute
Political Science, Communication, Philosophy, History, Legal Studies, Education, Art Visual Communications, Digital Media
74002 Legislative Intern
79096 Education Policy Intern
79094 Communications Intern
79097 Graphic Design Intern


Atlas Therapeutic Services
Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, Social Work, Behavioral Science, Community Health
79255 Criminal Justice Intern


Salt Lake Magazine
Art Visual Communication, Marketing, Digital Media, Digital Communication Tech
79228 Graphic Design Intern


Alzheimers Association
Community Health, Behavioral Science, Marketing, Communication
74200 Outreach and Awareness Internship


Greener Equity
Finance, Accounting, Economics, Business
79013 Financial Analyst Intern


Gooch Engineering
Pre-Engineering, Mechatronics Technology, Physics, Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science
79032 Student Engineer - Mechanical
79033 Electrical Engineer Internship


Refugee Services Office
Art Visual Communication, Digital Media, Digital Communication Tech
79053 Graphic Design Internship


Utah State Food Sense-- Utah County Extension
Community Health, School Health Education
79095 Nutrition Education Assistant - Utah County


Healthy Utah
Art Visual Communication, Digital Media, Digital Communication Tech
74601 Multimedia Internship


Duris Electroplating Inc.
Pre-Engineering, Building Construction, Construction Management
71496 Engineering Internship


Alpine Innovations LLC
Communication, Marketing, Digital Media, Business
78973 Social Media Marketing/ Marketing Intern


RealtyONEGroup Signature
Communication, Marketing, Digital Media, Digital Communication Tech
76256 Social Media Marketing Intern


Accelerator Marketing
Marketing, Communication, Business
79066 Marketing Assistant


Saraya USA, Inc.
Business, Business Management, Community Health
76344 Operations Assistant Intern


Mountainland Aging and Family Services Department
Communication, Marketing, Community Health
70144 CarePartner Program Internship


MyEducator LLC
Business, Business Management, Marketing, Communication
79039 Sales Representative Intern


Teens Act
Communication, History, Philosophy, Business, Political Science, English
79011 Teens Act Development Intern


Wilkinsons Trophy
Art Visual Communication, Digital Media, Digital Communication Tech
74670 Graphic Art Intern


Software Engineering, Computer Science, Information Systems, Information Technology
79015 Software Developer Internship


Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics
79050 Software Development Engineer in Test (Internship/Full Time)


Wallaroo Media
Software Engineering, Computer Science, Information Systems, Digital Media, Digital Communication Tech
74361 Web Development Intern



The Borgen Project
Business, Business Management, Marketing, Communication, Political Science, English, History, Journalism
79210 PR/Marketing Internship
79211 Publishing Internship
58697 Writer Internship
72793 Editor Internship
58698 Political Affairs Internship
72794 Journalism Internship
72796 HR Internship


Art in Tanzania
Communication, English, History, Philosophy, Humanities, Business, Marketing, Digital Media, Community Health
79206 Physically Disabled Internships Africa
79207 Marketing and Management Tanzania
79208 Sustainable Tourism Tanzania
79209 Creative Media Tanzania


Disney College Program
Biotechnology, Biology, Botany, Environmental Science and Management
79036 Agricultural Sciences - Biotechnology Internship - Spring 2017
79037 Agricultural Sciences - Entomology Internship - Spring 2017
79038 Agricultural Sciences - Plant Science Internship - Spring 2017


General Motors
Communication, Political Science, Business, English, Marketing
78913 Communications Internship


Scripps Networks
Business, Business Management, Communication, English
78838 Cooking Channel Public Relations Intern
English, Creative Writing, English Education
78971 Sports Writer


Ambrosia Labs
Community Health, Nursing
78935 Donor Advocate


All Majors
78851 China Internship Program 2016 - Get Work Experience Abroad! careerlink

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