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Here's a list of new internships available this week - Get 'em while they're HOT!

Nursing, Community Health, Pre-Professional, Humanities, Communication, Marketing, Business
53637 Community Education Intern
53643 Community Support and Resources Intern
53645 Physician Outreach Intern
53647 Rural and Diversity Outreach Intern
53650 Communications Intern

Bella Ella Boutique
56947 Marketing/Social Media Internship

Chinese Overseas Studies Services
English Education, Secondary Education
56879 American Secondary Instructor

Congressman Chris Stewart
Business Management, Economics, Communication, English, Political Science, Legal Studies, Philosophy, History, Business, Humanities
Congressman Chris Stewart

Deer Valley Resort
Business Management, Communication, English, Culinary Arts, Hospitality Management, Marketing, Business, Accounting
47081 Resort Operations Internships
41073 Culinary Arts Internship

Fishbowl Inventory
Communication, Marketing
56781 Marketing Internship

Latter Day Products
Art Visual Communications, Digital Media, Digital Communication Tech, Communication, Marketing
56810 Web Graphic Design Intern
56811 eCommerce Marketing & PR Intern

Software Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering
56624 System Developer Intern

Office of the Governor
Communication, Political Science, Art Visual Communications, Digital Media, Digital Communication Tech, Business Management, Marketing, Business
50194 Film Communications/Public Relations Intern
31808 Communications/Public Relations Intern
27054 Governor's Office Intern

T.D. Williamson
Pre-Engineering, Mechatronics Technology
56714 Mechanical Engineering Co-Op

The Walton Group Inc.
Business Management, Communication, Marketing
37550 Account Coordinator Internship

Utah Grizzlies
Communication, Marketing, Outdoor Rec
54590 Marketing/PR Internship

Utah Transit Authority
Technology Management, Business Management, Economics, Communication, Behavioral Science, Business
56683 Performance Improvement Intern

Communication, Marketing
56678 Marketing Intern

Vivint Corp
Finance, Business, Accounting
55019 Internal Reporting Analyst Intern

Wallaroo Media
Communication, English, Marketing, Business
56688 Content Marketing Intern


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Students interested in completing an internship in Washington, D.C. should contact Maren Mather, (801) 863-6308, for information on application deadlines and housing.

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