International Internships

An internship abroad intertwines culture and academics to create a unique and rich educational experience.  Begin by exploring internship opportunities and narrowing down locations and focus using the list of companies that offer structured internship programs below.  Individual internship postings with international companies can be found on and other similar sites online.  For more assistance, contact our office at 801-863-6364 to schedule an appointment.

Be sure to visit with the UVU Center for Global and Intercultural Engagement in WB 147 for assistance in locating an international internship and to obtain travelers insurance and assistance with visas.


Click on locations below to see where UVU students have completed international internships!

Adventure Teaching

Teaching English in SOUTH KOREA & CHINA. Through our personal experience as English teachers and many years working as entrepreneurs in the English education industry, we understand the needs of both teachers and schools in a unique way. We are committed to finding a work environment that is well suited for you, and we’re committed to helping you navigate the cultural intricacies using our expertise and multi-cultured team.


AustraLearn provides college students with opportunities to participate in high quality internships in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

Barcelona Study Abroad Experience

Barcelona Study Abroad Experience (SAE) provides students and recent graduates with customized internships in a variety of fields, including international business, marketing, political science, health and fitness, culinary arts, tourism and hospitality, graphic design, education, communications, events management, journalism, photography, art and many more!


Whether you are looking to teach in China or Thailand or break into the business world in Britain, BUNAC’s internship programmes give you the opportunity to combine exciting travel and CV boosting experience, while making new friends across the world! Once you have decided where to go, BUNAC will assist you in applying for your intern visa, give you extensive travel advice, help you to book your flights and secure the correct insurance for your internship. Your adventure starts here!

China Horizons

Teaching through China Horizons is a highly independent experience with exciting potential. As a respected teacher in an authorized Chinese school, you possess the freedom to explore this vast and ever-changing nation at your own pace.

CIS Abroad

CIS offers you the chance to work overseas for a month to a year. We customize each internship to your personal and professional goals: you can work in tropical rainforests, market products in fashion design, or guide tourists through museums. Enhance your resume with an internship in Europe, China, South America, China or New Zealand.

Cross-Cultural Solutions

Our international internships in Africa, Asia, Central and South America have provided individuals with genuine and immersive cultural experiences, while also fulfilling internship academic objectives.

Cultural Embrace

Cultural Embrace offers a wide range of unique experiential and educational programs for individuals and groups of all ages in Argentina, Costa Rica, France and Italy.

Cultural Vistas 

Cultural Vistas is a nonprofit organization that supports intercultural understanding through professional development internship programs in Argentina, Chile, Germany, Switzerland, and Spain.


DAAD's Research internships in Science and Engineering (RISE) Program gives students in the fields of biology, chemistry, earth sciences, engineering, physics and life science the chance to spend a summer working with doctoral students at German universities and research institutions on serious research projects.

HELP International

Each summer, HELP International sends volunteers and interns abroad to Belize, Peru, Fiji, India, Thailand, Tanzania, Uganda, and Fiji where they plan and implement sustainable development programs. Volunteers can spend anywhere from one month to three months in-country. Our volunteers pay or fundraise the program cost. Many volunteers receive internship credit for their experience abroad.

International Language Programs

ILP is a private, non-profit service organization founded in 1992 and based in Provo, Utah. Thousands of ILP volunteers have had the experience of a lifetime in a foreign country while contributing to the children by sharing the valuable gift of the English language.

Internship Desk

InternshipDesk focuses on providing a platform for university students to live and work around the globe. We provide students with invaluable, practical work experience & skill sets in a range of professional fields in China, India, United States and Israel. InternshipDesk is headquartered in Chicago and has international offices in China and India. InternshipDesk has been successfully coordinating programs for students for over five years. We look forward to continue providing an enriching experience to all the students participating in our programs.

Kalu Yala

Kalu Yala is a new sustainable town being built in Panama. At Kalu Yala Entrepreneurial Internships, our mission is to give students the opportunity to awaken and pursue their personal passions through hands-on learning. Unlike other intern programs, we insist on exploration. Your daily itinerary follows a unique “4-and-4 structure”: four hours of director-led projects followed by four hours of personal project development. This framework is designed to cultivate your entrepreneurial potential. We equip you with the tools you need to experiment and execute on your most meaningful visions- whether those tools are guidance, freedom, or tools themselves.

KVM Foundation

The major focuses of KVM are teaching skills and, eventually, job placement. We teach conversational English, self-reliance and confidence to young adults from financially-strained backgrounds. Our program teaches professional skills along with grammar and pronunciation and focuses on language confidence. Currently teaching in a small city on the mid-eastern coast of India called Visakhapatnam in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Mami Camilla

The internship cooking courses are taught in English and in a small bit of Italian. During month #2 and #3 student is placed in restaurant or hotel kitchen in Italy, where it is not guaranteed that anyone will speak English. They offer Italian language courses along with the cooking class during the first month. More information available on their website. The UVU students who have attend this school for their internship have absolutely loved it!

Next Step Connections

At Next Step Connections, we give you the opportunity to build your own Internship Program in Asia by choosing your preferred dates, industry and destination in one of Asia’s best cities including Shanghai, Hong Kong or Singapore. We do not offer fixed dates programs as we wish to ensure our program can fit everyone’s schedule and requirements. We offer internship programs in Asia ranging from 4 to 24 weeks (all-year round), though our Summer Internship Programs are usually the most-attended as most University students and fresh graduates choose this time-frame to participate in an internship.

Owl Preschool

Owl Preschool is a Chinese and English language preschool in Hualien, Taiwan that selects two American student interns to teach each semester. The internship is 6 months in length and is paid. Owl preschool will also cover travel, visa and housing expenses.

Swiss Finance Academy

Swiss Finance, company with long-standing Swiss tradition is looking to hire interns for summer who will research and analyze investment banking transactions, mergers & acquisitions (M&A) deals, global hedge fund returns, arbitrage funds and private equity investments. Our internship is being held in Verbier, Switzerland. The research collected by the intern will be used to assist the faculty and officers of Swiss Finance, which is a highly reputed institution of higher learning in finance and business and holds summer training programs in the Switzerland. The programs are designed to help college undergraduate students, graduate students including MBAs, as well as recent graduates, secure the best possible job opportunities in investment banking, hedge funds, strategy consulting and general management.