Mission Statement

The Office of International Affairs & Diplomacy actively supports UVU's global engagement efforts by:

  • Advancing UVU's presence and prestige in the international community;
  • Helping UVU students become globally competent graduates;
  • Promoting cultural literacy and diversity both on campus and in the community;
  • Creating opportunities for engaged learning and regional economic development through cultural exchanges and diplomatic visits.



Amy Barnett

Amy Barnett

Coordinator of Global Engagement

Amy Barnett comes to UVU as a skilled international events manager, having acted as the primary relations liaison between mostly Russian speaking National Olympic Committees/dignitaries and the organizing committees for both the Salt Lake 2002 and the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games. 

She has a degree from Brigham Young University in Russian language and area studies,  six years of international customer service management/training experience. She began her volunteer service as a young "hugger" at the Special Olympics and had continued this tradition in collaboration with with LDS international charities and a variety of Russian non-profit organizations. She also worked as a visa and travel agent, as well as a Russian interpreter in Utah and English teacher in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Amy is a passionate traveler and loves to share her insights and experiences of favorite places abroad. She uses her creativity to enrich international hosting events at UVU and her work environment.