IRI Services

Make a Request IRI’s request process is for requests of institutional or operational data about UVU that is not already available on our website, assistance conducting field research, or for assistance collecting and analyzing survey data from UVU constituents. If you have a survey request, please read Policy 132.

Survey Brochure IRI supports survey research on campus by providing samples of students, faculty, and staff as well as assisting with research and analysis. UVU Policy 132 designates IRI to respond to researchers’ requests for institutional data and requests for assistance in collecting data related to UVU constituents. This brochure describes the process for conducting surveys of UVU constituents through IRI and the valuable assistance that IRI can offer in designing and executing research projects.

Survey Calendar IRI conducts many of its surveys on an annual cycle. The survey calendar details this cycle, including the deadlines for UVU constituents to include items of specific interest on the Graduate, Alumni, and Omnibus surveys.

Sample Size Calculator IRI surveys are generally based on samples of the student population, which is more efficient and nearly as accurate as contacting every member of the group of interest. This tool will help determine the number of respondents needed to produce reliable results. IRI recommends a 95% confidence level with a 5% confidence interval for most surveys to balance accuracy and efficiency. To obtain the desired number of cases, IRI uses a simple random sample of the target population--unless a particular sampling design is required. IRI will adjust the sample as needed to account for typical response rates and to obtain the desired number of respondents.

Current Surveys IRI’s survey program regularly collects information from students, faculty, and staff that improves UVU’s services and informs campus decision making. These surveys are currently in the field or part of ongoing survey projects. Data from these surveys can be requested by submitting a data request above and will be provided when available. Where available for ongoing surveys, links to IRI’s Interactive Data Explorers are provided.

Past Surveys IRI maintains an extensive archive of data from its survey program to avoid surveying students repeatedly on the same topic. Data from these surveys can be requested by submitting a data request above. Where available, links to IRI’s Interactive Data Explorers are provided.