Fact Books and Annual Reports

Fact Books

The Fact Book gives general information about the University as a whole. It not only gives information provided by Institutional Research, but other areas of campus as well (Budget Office, Human Resources, Facilities, etc.) The areas included are: General Information, Administration, Faculty, Enrollment, Students, Support organizations, Finance and Facilities. Many of the graphs in the book show a five year trend. There are 21 years of fact books posted below. Institutional Research & Information has hard copies of fact books from 1988 to 1996. If you need data from those years, please contact our office at 801-863-7923.

If you would like a printed copy of the fact book, you can purchase one from the Copy Center in the Gunther Trades Building (GT 516d).  Please email gtcopycntr@uvu.edu  or call  801-863-7093 to submit your order.


Common Data Set

The Common Data Set houses general information about the college. It is a way to compare similar data regarding the college to other institutions around the nation. Every institution should fill out the Common Data Set. The common data set is also used as a base for many other surveys. It contains the following areas: General Information, Enrollment & Persistence, First-time, First-year (Freshman) Admission, Transfer Admission, Academic Offerings and Policies, Student Life, Annual Expenses, Financial Aid, Instructional Facilities & Class Size, Degrees Conferred.


Faculty Load

These reports measure the instruction load and faculty load for the institution, broken down by college and department. In addition to instructional credit hours, loads are also measured by student credit hours, student enrollments, and contact hours. These measurements are provided for full-time faculty and adjuncts and the proportion of the load that they carry within each grouping.


UVU at a Glance

UVU at a Glance is a report designed to provide quick reference summary information about UVU. This annually updated report is divided in ten sections. Each section includes graphs of trends about UVU students, faculty and staff, services, finance, facilities, and our engagement with the community. UVU at a Glance also provides a comparison with our IPEDS peer group and other USHE institutions.

*Information that used to be found in UV at a Glance after Fall 2010 can be found on our Institutional Indicators page.