Student Enrollment These reports provide tabulated data of students who are registered for classes at UVU. This includes the current term as well as prior terms and future projections. Each student is counted once; for example, an enrollment count of 33,395 would mean that there are 33,395 unique individuals who were taking classes for credit at UVU.

Reports include: Enrollment Progress Report, UVU Enrollment Projections, and Enrollment Comparison Reports.
Course Enrollment These reports add up different characteristics of the classes taken by students. This includes current terms as well as prior years. They identify how full courses are, as well as show the success rates that students have in different courses. Each student is counted once for each course in which they are enrolled. Each student can take multiple classes, and each class can have multiple students. Therefore, the total of course enrollments will be greater than student enrollments for the same term.

Reports include: Course Enrollments, Highly Enrolled Courses, Grade Distribution Reports, and Most Failed Courses.
Program Enrollment These reports group students by program (major and degree). The program data identifies such aspects as declared majors, graduates, faculty, etc... for different colleges and departments. It only tabulates information for students who have registered for classes at some time. Each student is counted once; for example, if we had an enrollment count of 33,395 then, for program enrollments, the total sum of current majors for that term would also need to equal 33,395.

Reports include: Department and College Profiles, Distance Education/Off Campus Report, Majors and Degree Counts, and Non-Credit Reports.
Structured Enrollment Structured Enrollment is a term applied to changes made to UVU's application, admission, and registration practices which take effect for students attending Fall 2012 semesters and beyond.