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National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

NSSE 2016

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Topical Module - Civic Engagement

Topical Module - Civic Engagement Student Comments

Topical Module - Global Learning

For NSSE data prior to 2016, please contact Tim Stanley at or 801-863-7920.

Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement (BCSSE)

BCSSE 2011

Frequency Distributions

Survey of New Students

Prospective Student Research

Admitted Not Enrolled Survey, Fall 2011

Executive Summary

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Student Omnibus Survey (2017)

Fall 2017

Report will be released in January 2018

Spring 2017

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Student Omnibus Survey (2016 and older)

Fall 2016

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Spring 2016

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Fall 2015

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Spring 2015

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Fall 2014

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Spring 2014

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Spring 2013

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Fall 2012

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Spring 2012


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