Welcome to Integrated Studies at UVU. Our program offers a four-year interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts course of study that enables you to integrate two different disciplines into a single degree. It's not a double major, nor is it a major / minor combination. It is a way of integrating different areas of knowledge into a solid interdisciplinary degree.

One principle behind our program, and interdisciplinary studies in general, is that the complex problems of today require thinking that is informed by the study of multiple disciplines. A musician, for example, is assisted when she or he has an understanding of mathematics, science, poetry, and of course, music theory.

Our program currently offers 40 areas of emphasis that can be combined, with or without any one of the minors offered at UVU, to create an incredible number of educational possibilities for you. Please contact us to learn more!  (Were you looking for Interdisciplinary Studies?)

Visit us on the north end of the library's 5th floor.


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Lynne Hetzel
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Mark Olson
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