Integrated Studies Application & Thesis Forms

Application Forms

All students applying for the Integrated Studies program need to complete and submit an application packet, consisting of both the application form and essay.

Application Form

Application and course planning form. You will need to meet with an advisor from each of your emphasis areas and the Integrated Studies department to complete your application. Call 801-863-8455 or email for more details. Please include your UVID in your message. Also included are instructions for an essay which  helps us to determine whether or not the Integrated Studies program is a good fit for you. Your essay will be reviewed by the Chair of Integrated Studies. 


General Thesis Forms / Information

Why Undergraduate Research?

Why a research project is important for undergraduate students.


Finding and Working with Faculty Thesis Mentors

As an Integrated Studies BA/BS Major, you must identify two faculty disciplinary mentors who will help you develop content for your thesis.  You will have one IS faculty mentor and one faculty mentor from each of your two emphasis disciplines.  Each of your three mentors can help you throughout the thesis process, although most of your time with your disciplinary mentors will probably concentrate during Capstone II.  Nevertheless, we encourage you to make contact with each of your mentors as early in Capstone I as you can and keep in close contact as you progress through the course. Please note that your disciplinary mentors will want to review an early version of your Thesis Proposal before making a final decision to serve as your mentor for the IS Capstone Thesis.  In any case, all three mentors must approve the thesis proposal before continuing work on the thesis in Capstone II.  


Thesis Rights & Responsibilities

Thesis Rights & Responsibilities (pdf): Important information for both students and thesis advisors regarding the Senior Thesis.


Capstone I Forms

Example of a Thesis Proposal

Example of a Thesis Proposal (pdf): You will be creating a thesis proposal as part of your Capstone I coursework.


Thesis Proposal Template

Thesis Proposal Template (doc):  A template you can you to help draft your own capstone I thesis proposal.


Thesis Faculty Mentor Agreement 

Thesis Mentor Agreement (pdf):  This form needs to be signed by your faculty mentor from each of your emphasis areas and your IS capstone professor. Attach this signed form to your thesis proposal.


Capstone II Forms

Senior Thesis Completion Steps

Steps for all Integrated Studies students to follow as they prepare their senior thesis paper for defense.


Example of a Thesis Title Page

Example of a Thesis Title Page (pdf): An example of a Thesis Title Page. Your title page can be modeled after this one. The title page will become the first page of your final thesis.


Example of a Final Thesis Approval Page

Example of a Final Thesis Approval Page (pdf): Use this template to create your approval page. This will be the second page of your final thesis, just after your title page.


Submit your Thesis to the UVU Library's Digital Archive

The UVU library maintains a digital archive of faculty and student essays and theses. Follow this link If you've completed your senior thesis and would like it included in the archive. Be sure to complete the entire digital form including the portion that asks for a brief summary/abstract of your work.