Senior Thesis

Senior Thesis

The Integrated Studies degree is a writing-intensive major that requires the completion of a senior thesis. This should be a challenging, rewarding process that allows you to explore an academic field of study that intersects with your two emphases. For example, if a student has Spanish and Communication emphases, they might write a thesis addressing how to market to the growing Latino population in the United States.

Above all, make your research and writing as enjoyable a process as possible!

Senior Thesis Examples

Student Name Emphases of Student Thesis Title
Ruth Galvez Behavioral Science & Spanish Latino Youth:Finding Self-Actualization
Wendy Bulkley Business Management & Physical Education Recreation for All: Grant Proposal for Washington City Recreation
Kelly Stowell Business Management & Psychology The Little Salt Lake Valley Equestrian Village: A Community that Makes Horse Sense
Nathan Bigler Military Studies & Business The U.S. Army and Its Use of Business Management Theory
Allen Hill Philosophy & English Sophia: A Curated Work in Progress
Robbie Blair English & Psychology Creative Writing Guild
Ivan Warren Kirk Social Science & Behavioral Science Argentine Social and Immigration Patterns in Utah
Aaron D. Olson Philosophy / History / Social Science "Estoy es el Lugar Derecho" Understanding Why Utah Remains a Zion for Illegal Immigrants:
Mormonism's Unique Tolerance for Illegal Immigration
Danny B. Stewart History and Social Science Cryptozoology is a legitimate scientific field worthy of the same level of
attention and respect that any other science is allotted
Connie M. Richardson Biology and Environmental Studies Development in Rural Mexico: A Case Study of Tamaula, Mexico

You can find more examples of recent senior theses in UVU's digital archive.