International Students at UVU

Utah Valley University, one of the largest public universities in Utah with an enrollment of 30,000 students, is increasingly a destination of higher learning for international students. In 2014, 800 international students representing 82 different countries attended UVU. Countries with the greatest number of students enrolled at UVU included Saudi Arabia, South Korea, China and Mexico.

International students greatly enrich the academic learning experience for all UVU students through their distinct cultures, experiences, backgrounds and foreign languages and are representative of the institution’s diverse student body.

Each year, international students are coming to UVU in greater numbers because of the excellent quality of education, reasonable tuition compared to other state institutions in the region and across the U.S., and because of UVU’s global focus on inclusiveness that appeals to a wide range of students.

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International Student Services: Staff

Stephen Crook - Director–International Student Services/DSO

Steve graduated from BYU with a Masters of Accounting. He spent eleven years living and working in Asia. Most recently, he worked for a joint venture company in the shoe industry. He is very excited to be working at the International Center at UVU. Steve comments, "UVU is such an exciting place to be! With the transition to University status, there are so many opportunities to shape the future of the institution. You really feel like you can make a difference." Steve is responsible for International Student Services at UVU.

Junko Watabe - Senior International Student Advisor/PDSO/RO

Originally from Fukuoka, which is located on a beautiful island, Kyushuu, south of the main island of Japan. Graduated with BA from Brigham Young University in Linguistics and minored in TESL. Has four children: Leo, Andrew, Melanie and Emily. Her husband, Masasue, is a school teacher at Maeser Academy.

She has been working at UVU since 1990 as a Coordinator and a Senior International Student Advisor. She came to the United States as a student and became a naturalized citizen. Being a student from another country gives her a deeper understanding of the challenges and responsibilities of the international students. She enjoys working with many great students from all over the world and with friendly and caring people at the university.

Lorraine Gunn - International Student Advisor/DSO

She understands a bit about being international. She was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and has many relatives who still live there. She gets a different perspective of the United States from them. She has been there many times, so she knows that there are many wonderful places outside of the United States.

She graduated with a B.A. in English and a minor in History from the University of Utah. She taught high school for one year at Clearfield High and then started raising a family. Her husband, David, was the director of Public Services for Provo City, is retired and serves many hours as a volunteer doing many good works. She has 3 children: Cassandra, Alex, and Tony. They are grown and now she has 2 beautiful grand daughters: Attison Anne and Roxy Lorraine. Of course, she thinks they are the best in the world.

She started working in the International Office in March of 1999. She has loved working here since she started. She was the office manager for 6 years and has been an international student advisor for the last 6 years. She loves the international students and thinks it's great to help all that she can. She can't visit all the world so the world comes to her. How lucky for her.

Michiko Arthur - Office Administrator/International Student Advisor/DSO

Michiko was born and raised in Yokohama, a port city south of Tokyo. She graduated from Brigham Young University. She subsequently returned to Japan and worked at a computer company. She still enjoys working with computers.

Michiko started working at ISS in 2011. Since she has had the experience of being an international student also, she understands many of your concerns. She enjoys talking with international students from all over the world; she feels this gives her a taste of having visited any number of exotic places.

Michiko and her husband have two Golden Retrievers. Her hobbies are playing computer games, watching movies, and learning about languages and places.