International Student Life

International students at UVU organize culture nights, breakfasts, lunches, and many other fun events during the academic year. Culture nights highlight a specific region of the world. For example, past international culture nights have focused on the following regions: The Middle East, The Americas, Europe, Africa, North and South Asia, etc. It is a great opportunity for all the students to make new friends and learn something about other cultures. Come and enjoy performances, good music, dance and of course authentic food!

Apart from the cultural events, there is the International Student Council (ISC) which hosts many fun “get to know you” types of activities. ISC students organize karaoke nights, potluck parties, trips to Lagoon, Disneyland, Southern Utah, river rafting and sports events.

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Join the Facebook group, and meet friends at UVU before you arrive in Utah! You can also follow the UVU International Student Council on Twitter @UVUISC

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